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Movie Review: The Awakening

The Awakening Movie Poster

The Awakening
DIRECTOR: Nick Murphy
WRITERS: Stephen Volk, Nick Murphy
STARRING: Rebecca Hall, Dominic West, Imelda Staunton, Isaac Hempstead Wright, Cal Macaninch, Shaun Dooley
BBC Films
RELEASE DATE: Aug 17, 2012 (limited)

As a partner of all forms of fear movies, and generally of a good spook story, we was vehement to check out The Awakening, a new thriller from executive Nick Murphy, who’s creation his underline debut.

The film follows Florence Cathcart (Rebecca Hall), a paranormal hoaxes author and loyal doubter in a ravaged post World War we England who’s resolutely set on divulgence a genuine means of paranormal occurrences, either they be systematic or male finished trickery. Clearly battling some of her possess demons, Florence is one day visited by Robert Mallory (Dominic West), who claims that there have been many sightings of a child spook during a boarding propagandize he teaches at. At initial she shrugs him off, charity a elementary reason for his problem, yet when he rebukes them all and clarifies that this isn’t about anticipating a spook yet relaxing a fears of a boys who attend a school, she decides to help.

Upon nearing Florence investigates around a bit and sets adult her many formidable tests, that leads to what appears to be a resolution. But when bizarre things continue to occur and she sees things she can't explain, all Florence has so strongly believed in will be tested.

For a many part, we was gratified with The Awakening. I’ve always been both a doubter of a paranormal and nonetheless still impossibly preoccupied by a unexplainable. If there’s a TV uncover where teams set off to examine puzzling happenings, I’ve substantially watched and have been entertained by it notwithstanding meaningful many are put on for theatrics and not to benefaction legitimate investigation.

There’s some early scenes in a film that are really cold since they play out roughly like those really same TV shows, usually set in 1921 England and regulating a distant reduction developed technologies of that time. However, yet some would have substantially enjoyed a film if it stayed on a trail following a doubter disproving all paranormal claims, this is a spook story during heart…and ghosts there shall be.

When we get to a genuine hauntings, there’s pros and cons to be had. The Awakenings does humour from those cheesy CGI spook scares we find jam-packed into PG-13 kiddie fear flicks, yet they come in tiny doses, so it’s not too deleterious to a altogether movie. To negate that, there’s also a satisfactory share of smart, well-shot scares that are effective in creeping we out. At times it reminded me of Guillermo del Toro’s implausible spook tale, The Devil’s Backbone, while during other times it was distant from it.

If we were to protest about anything it would be, as always seems to be a box when it comes to horror/thrillers, a ending. Nothing is harder in filmmaking than shutting out a fear film—even a many shining of concepts need closure—and anticipating a approach to hang all adult is some-more wily than it sounds. This is since roughly all has been (or feels like it has been) finished before, and it’s really singular to find a truly uninformed and singular start-to-finish fear story.

While a early 20th century spook sport techniques are an strange and beguiling further to a story, a infancy of The Awakening doesn’t feel like something you’ve never seen before. This is afterwards magnified by a ending, that roughly felt to me like a filmmakers weren’t utterly certain how to move it all together, eventually determining to go with a always unsure turn ending. Obviously I’m not going to spoil what happens, yet it’s not accurately what we would call satisfying. Perhaps if other cinema with identical twists were never finished it would be most some-more effective here, yet you’re not expected to be repelled by what unfolds, unfortunately.

Still, The Awakening is a film we consider fans of spook stories could find enjoyable. The finale isn’t what we wished it would be, yet a film as a whole has a plain story, some scary scares, clever behaving all around, and a dim and pleasing aged England environment to assistance raise everything.


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