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Move over, PopSocket… This smartphone grip-stand is razor-thin, magnetic, and some-more versatile

The phone is one of a few inclination that isn’t guided by ergonomic proportions, yet rather by a display. Look during a reason on a drill-machine, or your gym H2O bottle, or even your diversion controller… a reason they aren’t dominated by true lines is since there isn’t a singular true line on your hand. These grips are designed so that we reason a product securely, yet straining your palm or fingers with enlarged use. Now take a demeanour during your phone and a ideally rectilinear design. The edges are true lines, and infrequently a phone is so vast it’s unfit to use wholly with one hand. You roughly always need dual hands to use your smartphone, that isn’t ideal for mixed reasons… your second palm could be occupied, it could have gloves on, it could even be harmed or disabled, or some-more relevantly, we could usually select to not wish to use both hands to reason your phone, lest we cover it with germs.

I’ve never unequivocally been an disciple for PopSockets. I’ve always felt they were thick, inelegant, and looked like your phone was wearing a buttplug, yet a reason they’re so renouned (and since we mostly cut them some slack) is since they supplement that blank human-centric component to a phone by creation them some-more grippy, and easy to reason and use with a singular hand. I’d even go so distant as to forgive their hapless pattern had we not stumbled on a Ohsnap, that so clearly demonstrates how a smartphone grip-stand can be versatile, easy-to-use, ergonomic, and still be so impossibly neat it’s hardly thicker than your phone’s camera bump.

The Ohsnap is a considerably improved choice to those hollow and ring-based grip-stands in a whole garland of ways. At 3mm thick, it’s one of a sleekest stands we’ve seen, and can be deployed with a singular palm too. Just trip a finger in and a Ohsnap’s effervescent rope allows we to reason your phone firmly with a singular finger. Its concept pattern creates it concordant with each phone and even with many phone cases (as prolonged as there’s a prosaic aspect to belong a Ohsnap), and that effervescent rope works simply with hands of all sizes, permitting we to reason a phone when we need to, and retracting into a 3mm avatar when we don’t.

Besides, a Ohsnap functions surprisingly good as a mountain too. Designed to work in both landscape and mural formats, a Ohsnap allows we to column your phone adult during mixed angles, so we can devour calm yet holding your device. The grip-stand is even magnetic, permitting we to snap your phone onto surfaces like your steel cupboard, fridge, or even that automobile mountain with ease. It’s all in a seductiveness of enabling we to use your phone yet wanting to constantly hold/fumble-with it – a underline that was a preference a year ago, yet might now be some-more of a customary use now… and vocalization of customary practices, a OhSnap was even designed to be concordant with wireless chargers. With a density of 3mm, a grip-stand is skinny adequate to support many wireless chargers (it might be a widen if you’re regulating a box too), yet a guys behind a Ohsnap have a improved resolution with a snapcharge, a wireless horse designed privately for phones with a Ohsnap. The snapcharge’s singular pattern fits a Ohsnap like a nonplus piece, permitting we to fast and magnetically snap your phone to a horse so they align ideally each time… and a horse works with Airpods too, usually in box you’re wondering.

In hint we need to know that a snapcharge is a captivating wireless horse and a a initial of a kind. The Ohsnap reason doesn’t need snapcharge to assign wirelessly; it can work with other captivating chargers – it usually works best with a snapcharge.

Each Ohsnap grip-stand comes with a lifetime guaranty too, that creates clarity given that phones, detached from being large, glossy, and slippery, are costly too. The Ohsnap, in that regard, promotes easy and secure one-handed usage, permitting we to crop amicable media and send texts with usually one hand. This means being means to use your phone while fibbing down yet incidentally dropping it on your face, or accidentally checking your aptness app while holding a turmeric latte in your other hand. More importantly though, a Ohsnap promotes hands-free use too, permitting we to column your phone adult on tables whenever we need to, or magnetically mountain it inside your automobile or on your fridge when your hands are occupied… or when we don’t wish to unnecessarily keep touching your phone. Makes sense, right?

Designer: Dale Backus

Click Here to Buy Now: $15. Hurry, usually 5/5400 left! Raised over $550,000.

Ohsnap Grip: How Smart People Use Smartphones

Ohsnap is a absolute grip, stand, and magnet wrapped inside a super-thin frame, now concordant with snapcharge: their captivating wireless charger! It creates life with your phone happy, productive, and care-free yet a cheap, bulky, or nauseous plastic. Ohsnap works for all phones and finger sizes, and is simply adhered to a behind of your phone in reduction than 20 seconds.


Secure, one-handed retaining is discerning and easy with a Ohsnap grip. Just slip your finger by a loop. It’s there when we need it, and not when we don’t.


Ohsnap transforms into a multi-angle stand, so either you’re on Facetime with a crony or holding a mangle to watch some YouTube, this accessible kickstand has we covered. 3-angle kickstand for gentle streaming, anywhere.


Ohsnap is magnetic, so now multitasking is easier than ever. Gym equipment, fridges, automobile mounts and more… it sticks to them.

The Ohsnap reason has worked with each wireless horse on that it’s been tested, yet they can't pledge harmony with all wireless chargers.

Snapcharge – Magnetic Wireless Charger

Not usually did a group take a phone reason to a subsequent level, yet they also combined to it with a initial ever captivating wireless charger, Snapcharge. Snapcharge uses a Qi charging customary that works with roughly all inclination including wireless charging enabled phones, Airpods, and more. With snapcharge, we can collect adult and use your phone yet interrupting a charging process.

Snapcharge sticks to your captivating automobile mountain for a discerning and easy charge, on a go.

In-depth demeanour during Snapcharge

While Snapcharge works with each phone that has wireless charging capabilities, they can't pledge wireless charging concordant with all cases.

Ultra Thin

The group engineered a reason to be impossibly thin, during usually 3mm.

Won’t get held on your pants!

360º Rotation

It entirely rotates, so we can get a best probable angle that works for your singular retaining style.


The Ohsnap reason is designed with ultra-strength, tear-resistant silicone that is guaranteed to final millions of cycles.


Easy Install

In 3 steps, Ohsnap is trustworthy firmly and you’re prepared to go.


The Ohsnap reason fits all phones.

Click Here to Buy Now: $15. Hurry, usually 5/5400 left! Raised over $550,000.

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