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Motorola’s New Soak Test Procedures Begin With Earlier Updates – Android Headlines

Droid Razr M

It always intrigues me that each time there is a new ascent that stories start entrance out about how a ascent broken this prior duty or that a ascent is preventing my device from regulating a SD Card – things such as these. It is not as if a new upgrades were not tested on hundreds of inclination before that same ascent was expelled to a ubiquitous open around an OTA upgrade. These ‘Test Drives’ are called soak tests by a attention and we have a finished a few myself with Motorola when we owned a Droid Bionic and participated in a Motorola forums. An invitation would go out to see if we were meddlesome in participating in a soak exam and afterwards we would let them know – who wouldn’t be meddlesome in removing to try out a new software! If selected, we would initial pointer your life away, earnest not to plead a exam with anybody outward a private forum where we would go to and share your observations. After Motorola was confident it was operative good enough, afterwards they would do their OTA upgrade.

I am not accurately certain what Motorola altered underneath Google’s watch, other than strictly fixing it “Test Drive,” however a length of these Test Drives has apparently altered – when soak tests were rolled out previously, it was routinely finished on contend a Thursday or Friday and afterwards a OTA would go out a following Monday or Tuesday…generally 3 days after we did a Test Drive…in other words, it was a ‘done deal,’ or ‘Baked’ as they call it. Now a Test Drives are scheduled for a 3-4 week duration so they might be releasing a upgrades progressing meaningful there might be issues with a build, yet withdrawal time to tweak it and re-test a bug fixes. Motorola even offers to reinstate your device should it turn inoperative.

According to a source one of their readers sent them a email from Motorola (shown in a entirety below) mouth-watering them to a Test Drive a 4.4.2 KitKat ascent for their DROID RAZR M. The email looks like a ones that used to accept and a source is presumption that it is legit. If we wish to attend in destiny Test Drives afterwards your best gamble is to hang around on a forums – we spent time on a Droid Bionic forum since of a pointless reboot issues on that device and volunteered for a initial Test Drive and afterwards was invited behind for dual more. we theory we should hang around a Samsung Note 3 forums…maybe we could get invited to one of theirs? Below is a finish email from Motorola:

Discussion Subject:
Welcome to a initial MFN Test Drive program
Congratulations — we are a initial organisation of Motorola Feedback Network members invited to take partial in a Test Drive program. You were selected since we have demonstrated that we keep your word — when we’ve supposing we with software, we have supposing feedback. Thanks for that! The value of end-user feedback has turn clear over a years, yet a contributions of Motorola Feedback Network members like you.
Test Drive is an bid to get end-user submit progressing in a growth process. This is not — or during slightest not indispensably — final software. We’ll be examination your submit closely to see if there are changes indispensable before this is submitted for final approval.
I won’t trick you. As this is a initial Test Drive, a module is flattering baked. This is a theatre of growth where we design to be tighten to final. As we get some-more gentle with a Test Drive process, we will offer reviews progressing in a process. But make no mistake about it — we are a initial in a program. And if we find issues of sufficient distance and severity, we have time to get fixes in this version.
How is this going to work? For now, we’re going to try a common soak exam process, that we are all informed with. We have topic-specific threads set adult here for your in put, and we’ll ask for your submit around surveys. There are a integrate of pivotal differences:
This soak will be a lot longer than usual. Plan for a month, give or take a week or so, if all goes as planned.
If we finish adult pulling we some-more than one chronicle of a software, we’ll tighten a aged threads and start new ones, only to keep comments and versions matched up.
In a Test Drive program, we design 100 percent participation. That means some comments here in a private community, and responses to surveys, from each member. No holding a module and running.
The categorical disproportion is that there is, naturally, somewhat some-more risk of a problem that could extent your phone’s performance. If that happens, we MUST post here in a forums regulating a collection supposing to warning a team. DO NOT call Verizon or a unchanging call core support.
This is a pivotal condition, along with ideal confidentiality. Any mangle with these conditions could jeopardise a Test Drive program. We’ve worked a prolonged time to get to this indicate so we wish we can all work together and hang to these terms, and those summarized in a registration.
If we do have a problem with a module that causes a problem with your phone, we’ll do all we can to scold it fast. We’ll repair a problem or get a operative deputy in your hands as shortly as we can.
Because this is code new, we’ll also be creation adult some things as we go along. We’ll be creative.
If we have questions, greatfully post below. we might not have answers yet I’ll do my best.
For now, I’ll tell we that we design to pull module to we tomorrow, yet I’m not certain of a time. Please get your Droid RAZR Ms ready, and do not Factory Data Reset until after you’ve upgraded.
Matt and a rest of a MFN Test Drive team

  • Source: Android Police

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