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Motorola XT907 Release Date Remains a Mystery

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Jul 15, 2012

Motorola XT907 recover date
Motorola XT907

Chinese e-commerce site Alibaba was a place, where a new Motorola smartphone has been seen.

So far, a device is codenamed a Motorola XT907. The leaked view photos are complemented by some specs info, though mobile casino gambling fans should note, that these are usually rumors.

The new smartphone is fundamentally a tuned down chronicle of a intensely renouned DROID RAZR (Motorola XT912). Rumors advise a device will offer mobile casino games players a 540×960 fortitude screen, identical to a DROID RAZR, however, given of a on-screen control buttons, it’s listed as a 540×888.

The new Motorola device is pronounced to have a same Kevlar behind as a large brother. Yet a camera isn’t adhering out, that could advise a reduce fortitude limp or maybe a thicker body.

The camera is reported to support only HD video, heading gamers to trust it’s a 720p snapper, and not a FullHD camera found on a DROID RAZR.

The view photos also exhibit a Verizon badge on a smartphone’s behind subsequent to a “4G LTE” inscription. Well, during slightest Android casinos will be loading quick on this one. Other rumors advise a Snapdragon S4 CPU for a device, that will also have a white chronicle as well.

It stays to be seen how most of this information is true, once a association strictly announces a device. In any box it seems like it offers adequate extract for mobile games to run uniformly and a cost shouldn’t be too high. Naturally, no recover date information so far.

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