Motorola updates its Jelly Bean timetables, puts key upgrades in Q1 2013 | Wifi Walker, J B Chaparal Properties

Motorola updates the Jelly Bean timetables, puts pivotal upgrades in Q1 2013

Motorola promises Jelly Bean

Now that Verizon’s many recent Droid RAZR family has had a ambience of Jelly Bean, it’s time for Motorola to change concentration to a rest of a inclination that have made a cut for a ascent — and it’s doing usually that with an updated calendar for a rollout. Among those phones and tablets that aren’t already on Android 4.1, usually a Atrix HD and Asia-Pacific RAZR HD models should get a modernise before 2012 bows out. A incomparable fortuitous that includes a Electrify M, a LTE-equipped Xoom and some general models like a European RAZR i will have to wait until a initial entertain of 2013 for their turn. Other inclination like a Droid Bionic, strange RAZR and Photon Q are still on deck, though don’t nonetheless have a schedule. That’s not a comforting pointer when we could see a chronicle of Android over 4.2 in a spring, so we’re anticipating that Motorola is perplexing to underpromise now and overdeliver later.

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