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Motorola to be Verizon’s disdainful DROID manufacturer


Motorola has been a many critical DROID partner Verizon has had. In fact, we can appreciate most of Android’s recognition to a strange Motorola DROID. Since then, their attribute has stayed unequivocally tighten and they are now prepared to take it to a subsequent step.

Verizon selling executive Jeff Dietel has settled that Motorola will be a central and disdainful DROID manufacturer. This understanding starts from a proclamation of today’s Motorola DROID devices: a DROID Ultra, DROID Maxx and DROID Mini.


While Motorola and a DROID code always went together, other manufacturers like HTC and Samsung also gave it a try. Devices like a HTC DROID DNA and a Samsung DROID Charge are only a integrate examples. But they never gained a recognition Motorola DROID phones earned.

This might infer to be a good understanding for Motorola, that really needs a help in graduation and promotion. At a same time, many of we trust that a “DROID” code has finished zero though upset users and emanate discrepancies in a platform.

According to Jeff dietel, “Droid is a regulation that works really well.” Do we determine with him?

[via CNET]

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