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Motorola Targa a new Droid Bionic? Or an LTE phone of AT&T?

Motorola Droid Bionic, Verizon Wireless LTE smartphoneMotorola Targa a new Droid Bionic? Or ATT’s chronicle of Verizon’s initial dual-core LTE Android device?

Motorola’s nearing skeleton to play with Apple and Samsung inside a smartphone and inscription markets were somewhat leaked by Pocket Now, display off some of a screenshots of Motorola’s nearing new webpage.

According to a sloping images and descriptions performed by a tech blog, Moto competence recover a subsequent era Xoom tablet, or called “Xoom 2.”

The stream chronicle of a Xoom inscription is packaged with dual-core processor made by NVIDIA, 1 GB of RAM, 5 MP of back camera, 2 MP of front camera. If a Motorola Xoom 2 is unequivocally coming, afterwards pattern a specs ascent like quad-core (maybe), and some-more absolute rear-camera (maybe 8 MP).

Aside from a Motorola slate, a trickle is also claiming that a Android hardware manufacturer will launch a watch phone, dual skinny smartphones, and one smartphone able of harnessing a energy of LTE, a fabulous phone named Targa alongside a smartphone (not certain if LTE) named Pearl.

So, where’s a Motorola Droid Bionic? Just a discerning recap, Motorola deferred a recover of their initial Verizon LTE phone due to “enhancements,” that competence embody softened battery life, softened pattern and other changes that will give a phone a vital overhaul.

Is it probable that a leaked “Targa” smartphone is a new Droid Bionic? Or a new smartphone that ATT will use to marketplace their nearing 4G LTE? Apparently, a conduit is approaching to launch a new LTE information capabilities shortly (or midst 2011 according to ATT).

Speaking of leakages, all images posted by Pocket Now were trashed “at a ask of Motorola Mobility inc.”

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