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Motorola Says ‘Q3′ for Droid Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich Update

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Last week, we told we that a Motorola seemed to endorse a Droid Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich update for September. Well, it now appears that a association is singing that balance strictly as a association is now revelation Droid Bionic owners that a refurbish will indeed be rolling out in Q3.

On Facebook, a association is publicly revelation owners that a Droid Bionic that a refurbish will be rolling out in a third entertain of this year that means Sep is a expected month for a Droid Bionic’s Ice Cream Sandwich hurl out.

This of march differs from Motorola’s central Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich ascent page that listed a Droid Bionic’s Ice Cream Sandwich refurbish as carrying an “early Q3″ hurl out, something that a association has nonetheless to change.

Early Q3 has come and left with a attainment of September.

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Screen Shot 2012-09-04 during 12.29.18 PM

Motorola is now observant Q3 for Droid Bionic ICS.

However, a association stays silent about any arrange of specifics, even as that deadline has clearly come and left though a attainment of Android 4.0 for a aging Droid Bionic.

This comes shortly after we told we that during slightest one Motorola repute concurred that a Droid Bionic ICS refurbish was still in a growth proviso and that it would be rolling out to owners, after testing, during some indicate in September.

That repute did not mention a specific date for a hurl out possibly that again means that Droid Bionic owners competence have to dauntless a whole month of September.

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Motorola rolled out a Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX ICS updates on a final day of a recover window and it’s probable that a Droid Bionic’s ICS refurbish might not hurl out until a finish of a new recover window as well.

It’s a wish that that doesn’t occur and a Droid Bionic refurbish is graced with Ice Cream Sandwich someday in a early partial of a month though during this point, a recover date is adult in a air.

The good news?

It appears that a refurbish is still coming.

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