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Motorola Reveals Droid Bionic’s Webtop Accessory Solutions

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We’ve listened about a leaked pricing for a Droid Bionic (with two-year activation) and accessories bundle during Costco, and now we’re conference some-more information about a flagship Motorola Droid device with a innovative Webtop solutions that could be enabled by a accumulation of Motorola-made accessories. In a trickle performed by Droid-life, it appears that Motorola is re-vamping a website to underline some-more Webtop accessories for a flagship Verizon Wireless Droid Bionic, rumored to be rising on September 8th.

Most of a accessories we have seen in other forms for other smartphones, such as a HD Station, that is a multimedia desktop wharf identical to that offering for a Sprint Photon 4G or a Droid X and Droid X2 yet altered for harmony with a Droid Bionic. There’s also a Motorola LapDock, that is a keyboard laptop dock that turns a smartphone into a netbook, a judgment that had debuted on a Motorola Atrix 4G for ATT progressing this year during CES. New to a list is an inexpensive Adapter for Webtop Application, that will block into a phone and should give users an even some-more costly approach to entrance a Webtop application, yet pricing nor accessibility for all 3 Webtop accessories were revealed.

For a adapter itself to be successful, it would have to be labelled reduction than a HD Station Multimedia Dock. Typically, as central docks are labelled around $40-$70, a adapter should go for reduction than that.

Webtop is a special OS that’s preloaded into storage on a phone that’s formed on Linux and is permitted when plugged into possibly a Laptop Dock or an HDTV and stays dark on a phone. The OS gives users entrance to not only a phone, yet also to a full Mozilla Firefox web browser as well, along with a special UI for displaying videos, photos, and music.

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