Motorola reminds us it has foldable phones, too, with release of Android 11 for the Razr | Wifi Walker, J B Chaparal Properties

Motorola reminds us it has foldable phones, too, with recover of Android 11 for a Razr

Folding-screen smartphones are unequivocally starting to come into their own, and Samsung‘s latest are starting to remonstrate us that these inclination could be prepared for mainstream appeal. But as Samsung pushes boundary and refines a engineering practices, Motorola… well… Motorola still has a foldable phone, too. The Razr launched behind in 2019 with Android 9, and knowing how Moto can be when it comes to updates, we were happy adequate to see a phone collect adult Android 10 final spring. Now a refurbish angel is behind again, bringing Android 11 to a Razr.

Verizon just posted a refurbish notice for a phone, that includes a Jul confidence patch alongside a large OS update. Motorola confirmed a phone would be receiving this update late final year, and we’ve been watchful patiently a 8 months since.

Motorola updated a Razr with a 5G model a small underneath a year ago, though so distant we’ve nonetheless to hear about any skeleton for a third-gen follow-up. With a attainment of Android 11, we’re removing to a finish of a highway for a strange 4G Razr, so it will be engaging to see if Moto intends to keep a foldable efforts alive with any new hardware going forward.

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