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Motorola promises some-more Atrix-like laptop docks for destiny phones

Motorola’s Atrix 4G laptop wharf was a severely honeyed concept, that is because we were so unhappy when it failed to vessel out. Sounds like Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha is prepared to give it another try, yet — on a company’s gain formula call this past week, he told investors that Moto is formulation a whole array of Lapdock inclination in a second half of a year:

You will see mixed inclination from us in a second half rising with these capabilities, and we will enhance a operation of a Lapdock inclination so we cover a broader cost point, addressing both a craving reward tier as good as some-more consumer tiers.

“We devise on introducing unbroken iterations of a Webtop program and accessories that incorporate softened capability collection and mixed cost points,” he also said, echoing prior promises to include Webtop in all high-end smartphones starting this summer. Perhaps those closely spaced I/O ports on a Droid Bionic and Targa won’t go to rubbish after all? If we simply can’t wait, Sanjay claims there’s also an central cost dump inbound for a Atrix 4G — ATT will offer a gold with a Lapdock and phone for $400 after this month.

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