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Motorola formulation a DROID Bionic 2

Motorola formulation a DROID Bionic 2

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Why Motorola? Why? That is a initial thing that came into my mind when reading news of a DROID Bionic 2 this afternoon. While this could really good be a mistake, a source that it comes from leads us to trust it is true, and that Motorola competence indeed be creation a inheritor to one of their biggest flops of a past 6 months.

For those that have ever had to reinstate a smartphone after an random dump or problem, Asurion is who Verizon uses for their word and deputy program. Today a folks during Droid-Life speckled a Motorola DROID Bionic 2 in a Asurion open enrollment forms for people signing adult and seeking replacements. Maybe they can check this phone 6 months and have 8 pattern changes afterwards recover it with a slew of bugs wanting to be bound like they did a initial one – usually a thought.

Now apparently this could be a mistake. Verizon also recently started offered a DROID Bionic for $100 reduction than a strange model, usually a cheaper one does not come with a 16GB micro-SD card. Could this be a approach Asurion motionless to tag it, if so someone wasn’t meditative clearly.

What do we guys think? Is Verizon and Motorola prepared to recover a Bionic 2 this summer, and if so, would we buy it?

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