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Motorola Looking to Hire Director Product Management for a X Phone

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Weren’t shopping into a hypebeasting of a Motorola X Phone, a company’s ultra-secret, subsequent large smartphone? Does an central pursuit posting for a position as a Senior Director Product Management for a phone make we a believer? The posting went adult final night and includes a name and everything, only look during a square of a pursuit outline above. 

Nothing specific is mentioned about a phone, yet that shouldn’t warn anyone. The pursuit inventory itself looks like it could accommodate a needs of any product manager. The pivotal here, is a fact that it indeed mentions a “X-Phone,” something many believed to be zero yet a myth.

The last furious gossip we reported on talked of a multi-carrier launch, also on Google Play, with unlockable bootloaders and a cost that we won’t be means to pass on. we consider it’s protected to contend that a phone is real, we only don’t know if any of a other tools of a story are.

Update:  Motorola has pulled a X-Phone pursuit inventory from LinkedIN. It’s still accessible in a jobs territory of a Moto careers site (here), though. Not certain what to think. Were they trolling us? Did someone screw up?

Via:  LinkedIN | Phandroid


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