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Motorola Lapdock on sale currently usually – only $79 for DROID Bionic

Motorola Lapdock on sale currently usually – usually $79 for DROID Bionic

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Who wants to spin their Android-powered smartphone into a small netbook for a ultimate multimedia experience? While a suspicion of Motorola’s Lapdock hasn’t taken off in a marketplace like they expected, it is an overwhelming appendage for anyone looking for additional options. Today 1SaleADay has a DROID Bionic specific lapdock on sale for usually $79.99 — a flattering good understanding if we ask me.

It competence not be a best laptop around though it is thin, sleek, lightweight, has an 11.6″ shade and will spin that Bionic into a flattering absolute desktop-mode device. The Motorola Lapdock also has an additional battery inside that will not usually final for 8-10 hours, though charges your Bionic while it’s docked too. We cover it in abyss during a Bionic examination related to below.

The understanding is for currently only, and ends in 8 hours so we improved precipitate and confirm if you’d like one. This is for a code new unit, not refurbished so it’s a flattering honeyed understanding if we ask me. Head to from a couple next and get yours today.

A discerning note, this is NOT a new concept Lapdock 100 or 500, this is a comparison wharf that will usually work with a DROID Bionic. I’m certain we could cgange it for others though out of a box usually a Bionic can suffer this accessory.

[via 1SaleADay] — Thanks DJ

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