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Motorola G 4G Variant Gets Official CyanogenMod 11 Nightlies


The Motorola G was one of a many considerable Android smartphone to entrance final year and helped Motorola build a new picture for itself in building markets while strengthening a code interest in a some-more abundant markets with a product that offering roughly high-end opening during an entry-level price. The Motorola G has unequivocally redefined a bill smartphones segment, as of date we see no other smartphone that offers a kind of crash for a sire a Motorola G uses. Now a device is roughly tighten to removing phased out in several markets, as Motorola skeleton a inheritor presumably named G2. But it continues to accept good support from a manufacturer as good as a XDA developers community. The Motorola G forum on XDA is buzzing with a lot of activity and many comparison developers support a device and assistance a owners of a device remove a limit opening out of it.

There’s some good news for a owners of a 4G various of a device as an Official CyanogenMod 11 ROM is now accessible for we to peep on your Motorola G 4G (Peregrine). CyanogenMod 11 is formed on a latest Android 4.4.4 firmware and allows we to boost opening and suffer a fibre of batch Android. Even yet Motorola’s batch central firmware is flattering tighten to batch Android, AOSP is a opposite thing altogether for hardcore Android fans.The ROM has been gathered by comparison XDA member Somcom3X and shabbypenguin. Since it is a Nightly ROM, we don’t have to worry about stability. Everything works only excellent with no vital bugs reported so far. Overall impressions seem flattering certain going by user replies on XDA with many members being really confident with a ROM overall.

Before we devise to peep a ROM on your device make certain we clear a bootloader on your device, if we haven’t already. Then we would need to peep a tradition liberation like THIS and afterwards download a ROM from the source link. After flashing a CM11 ROM make certain we peep a latest GAPPS package (Google Apps) for Android 4.4.4 or during slightest 4.4.3 as CyanogenMod ROMs do not make with Google apps installed.Do keep in mind yet that this can't be flashed on a HSDPA model. So all we 3G Motorola G owners would substantially need to wait longer to be means to suffer CyanogenMod 11 on your devices.

If we have commissioned a ROM already, let us know what we consider of it and if we have detected any bugs.

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