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Motorola serve sum Jelly Bean plans, Atrix HD subsequent on list

Ever given Motorola announced that it skeleton to refurbish a lot of a some-more new inclination to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, many business have been watchful for patiently for their ascent to arrive. Some handsets, such as a DROID RAZR M, a DROID RAZR HD, and a DROID RAZR MAXX HD have already perceived or are in a routine of receiving their updates, though there are copiousness some-more handsets left to upgrade. Motorola has updated a list of inclination removing Jelly Bean upgrades, covering many vital regions of a universe like a US, Canada, Europe, a Asia-Pacific region, and Latin America.

First adult on a list for a US? The Atrix HD, that is scheduled to start removing Jelly Bean someday this month. Canada’s Atrix HD and DROID RAZR HD will be removing a ascent to Jelly Bean in Q1 2013, as will a series of handsets in a US. In fact, looking during a list it seems that a US Electrify M and a XOOM WiFi + 3G/LTE are both scheduled for Q1 2013 upgrades to Jelly Bean.

Other than those, there are a series of handsets that Motorola is formulation to ascent to Jelly Bean, though doesn’t have a specific timeframe for yet. In a US, that includes handsets like a Electrify 2, a PHOTON Q, DROID RAZR, RAZR MAXX, and a DROID BIONIC. Have a demeanour during Motorola’s full list for a US below.

Sadly, streamer over to a Motorola Owners’ Forum to perspective a full list for all regions also gives we this warning: “If your Android 1.5 (‘Cupcake‘) by Android 2.3 (‘Gingerbread‘) indication is not listed here, it is not slated for any serve Android handling complement upgrades.” This means that some of we will be stranded on Cupcake or Gingerbread indefinitely, so it might be time to upgrade. Motorola has a series of Gingerbread inclination that validate for a “trade up” program, though you’ll still need to bombard out for a new handset, despite with a bonus from a company. Is your device going to get an ascent to Jelly Bean, or will we be left with an comparison chronicle of a Android OS?


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