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Motorola Further Details ICS Rollout, But Is Verizon Delaying The Ice Cream …


Slowly though certainly Ice Cream Sandwich will strike final year’s flagship Android phones. Motorola usually updated a ICS schedule that details a approaching calendar for any device. The biggest change is that ICS is now scheduled for non-U.S. RAZR models. But that’s clearly a box for many Moto devices. For a many partial ICS will strike Moto inclination starting in a second entertain — though usually for non-Verizon inclination in a U.S. Here in a States a standing of ICS for a infancy of Motorola’s inclination is still listed as “Evaluation Planning” with “Further sum to follow”.

The updated ICS rollout report lists 13 U.S. devices: 3 are WiFi-only tablets, dual are ATT-only, one is for Sprint, one is for U.S. Cellular and a rest are Verizon devices. Wanna theory that inclination do not have an approaching rollout date?

Take a U.S.-only XYBoard for example: ICS is scheduled to strike a WiFi-only indication in a third quarter. The 3G/VZW indication is in a Evaluation Planning stage. The RAZR inclination in Asia Pacific, Canada, China, EMEA, Japan, Korea LATAM will get Ice Cream Sandwich in a second quarter. ICS isn’t scheduled for a US RAZR nor any of a Droid inclination — all of that are disdainful to Verizon.

The oddity device here is a Motorola Electrify, that is fundamentally a U.S. Cellular-badged chronicle of Sprint’s Photon 4G though a WiMax radio. The Sprint chronicle is set to get a refurbish in Q3 2012 where a U.S. Cellular chronicle is still listed as “Evaluation Planning” with “Further sum to follow”.

Several things could be going on here though it all approaching loops behind to a carrier. It’s probable that any conduit has their possess set of difficult analysis processes and mandate for vital complement updates, and Motorola of march has to play good with their conduit partners. In Verizon’s box a series of things could be going on. Verizon competence wish to set a report itself. Or Verizon could usually be personification it safe. The carrier’s early story with a Gingerbread refurbish was cart and left many owners (including me) with bricked devices.

But don’t fret, Verizon subs. Motorola reiterated prior statements saying, “DROID RAZR, DROID RAZR MAXX, DROID 4, DROID BIONIC, DROID XYBOARD 8.2 and 10.1, and MOTOROLA XOOM WiFI + 3G/4G will be upgraded to ICS.” It would usually be good if Moto could promulgate a approaching calendar with a constant supporters.

Maintaining Android updates contingency be a outrageous charge for Motorola and others. Google is holding to a yearly recover schedule, though manufacturers are clearly marching to a opposite beat. By a time a RAZR, XYBOARDs and Moto’s other flagship inclination finally get Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean will be usually several months divided from launching. Once Google strictly absorbs Motorola, a dual will work to solve this bizarre behind rollout scheme, though that will not assistance Samsung, LG and others. Speaking as a Droid X owner, a use is frustrating and really anti-consumer. Google mostly talks down Android’s system fragmentation though a problem is usually removing worse.

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