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Motorola feels Droid Bionic owners’ pain, promises to repair things

Motorola feels Droid Bionic owners' pain, promises to repair things

With a unhappy story that includes a lengthy delay, mysterious sounds and other issues, Motorola’s Droid Bionic has had a bit of a mottled past. Motorola, however, is apparently wakeful of Droid Bionic owners’ woes and is operative on a devise to make things right. At slightest that’s what Punit Soni, VP of Product during Motorola Mobility, is earnest owners of a device on his Google+ page. Faced with complaints trimming from a Bionic’s sealed bootloader to a behind ICS update, a contrite Soni certified that Droid Bionic owners got a “raw deal” and betrothed their feedback “will not tumble on deaf ears.” He afterwards pronounced that a association has a devise for a device and that he is “currently solidifying things to safeguard we can tell it, dedicate and follow up.” Soni did not yield specifics on what those skeleton are yet we have to acknowledge that a guy’s fairness about a Bionic’s issues is refreshing. In a meantime, a phone’s ICS ascent is now slated to hurl out in Q4. Bionic owners who wish to supplement their self-evident dual cents to a review can strike adult a source couple below.

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