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Motorola Droid RAZR Teardown

Sadly, a phone didn’t duty as betrothed — so instead we investigated how Motorola managed to package all of a RAZR‘s record into such a skinny frame.

We found a RAZR‘s slim figure was also a downfall. Motorola had to scapegoat repairability in sequence to achieve that slim profile, and hence a RAZR perceived a scanty 4 out of 10 repairability score. Attribute that to lots of glue used via a interior, a fused LCD to a front glass, and a vapid (and during times heart-fluttering, should we hear a cosmetic creaking) disassembly process.

(Media Not Available) Teardown highlights:

The RAZR measures in during a small 0.28 inches thick, though increases to 0.42 inches during a prevalent camera bulge. For comparison, Verizon bragged behind in Sep that a Droid Bionic was a slimmest 4G LTE phone during 0.43 inches thick.

How can something that provides so most acerbity hook so much? The skinny cosmetic behind cover, corresponding with a woven Kevlar, provides tough (yet flexible) insurance for a internals. With a tensile produce strength of Kevlar being on standard with some steels, a behind box is a slightest of a worries as distant as vicious destiny repairs go.

Just since a cover is done from Kevlar doesn’t meant it’s bulletproof. Ballistic vests underline layers on layers of firmly woven Kevlar, as good as a vast ceramic plate. Long story short, don’t fire your Droid RAZR and pattern it to survive.

The Droid RAZR is versed with dual potion repairs indicators: one on a bottom and one on a right side of a phone. Motorola / Verizon will really know if we attempted to exam a water-proofiness of a phone.

It’s utterly a distress for stealing a battery, though during slightest we don’t have to slice detached a whole device. Instead of a normal battery connector hollow or soldered wires found in other phones, a Droid RAZR utilizes hit points for a battery connector.

The battery comes with a accessible “remove battery” add-on should we ever wish to reinstate it. At slightest that partial of a procession is easy.

Measuring in during 3.79″ long, 2.25″ wide, and .110″ thick with a ability of 1750 mAh, a battery provides over 300 mAh some-more ability than that of a iPhone 4S.

We peeled off a cosmetic cover from a fringe of a rear-facing camera to exhibit a dark screw nearby a peep LED. Sneaky, disreputable Motorola.

How impassioned are a space constraints inside a device this thin? ( From bottom to top, we can see a glass, display, motherboard, motherboard chips, and afterwards a U.S. entertain built on top. The entertain was not found inside a RAZR, though is merely shown for density functions — so don’t open your phone with a vigilant of anticipating some dough.

The infancy of a mound on a tip of a phone is attributable to a boxy 8 MP camera. It’s a distance imprisonment that many “thin is in” phone manufacturers are struggling to work around.

(Media Not Available) There are a ton of chips on a front side of a motherboard. To keep a pattern svelte, Motorola packaged flattering most all on one side of a board. Key players include:

– Toshiba THGBM4G7D2GBAIE 16GB EMMC Flash Memory
– Samsung K3PE7E700M-XGC1 4Gb LPDDR2 RAM
– Qualcomm MDM6600 Dual-Mode Baseband/RF Transciever
– Qualcomm PM8028 Power Management IC
– Avago ACPM-7868 Quad-Band Power Amplifier
– Motorola T6VP0XBG-0001 (believed to be a LCM 2.0 LTE baseband processor)
– Texas Instruments WL1285C Wilink 7 Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/GPS
– Skyworks 77449 Power Amplifier Module for LTE/EUTRAN Bands XIII/XIV
– Toshiba Y9A0A111308LA Memory Stack
– ST Ericsson CPCAP 6556002
– Hynix H90H1GH51JMP
– Infineon 5726 SLU A1 H1118 3A126586
– Bosch 2133 C3H L1ABG accelerometer

And a behind of a board? Nothing of interest, that creates clarity given how firmly packaged a motherboard is to a display.

The LCD is henceforth corresponding to a glass, definition you’ll have to bombard out income for both even if we break only a glass.

As always, some-more can be found here. / © iFixit

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