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Motorola Droid Bionic Vs AT&T’s initial 4G LTE smartphone: Consumer worry

By: Alan Ng | May 23, 2011 | View Comments
More In: Cell Phone Information, Cell PhonesMotorola Droid Bionic Vs ATTs initial 4G LTE smartphone: Consumer worry

If we are a Verizon patron now, there is a unequivocally good possibility that we are energetically available a attainment of a 4G LTE upheld Motorola Droid Bionic, that is simply a many expected smartphone launch on Verizon nonetheless given a Thunderbolt.

However, after a report final week that sensitive we about opposition ATT’s initial 4G LTE information speed testings, we might be forgiven for being a bit disturbed now that a Motorola Droid Bionic will no longer be a hottest smartphone on a world this year.

This is due to a fact that ATT’s 4G LTE network might be means to shake out peppery ‘real-world’ speeds of adult to 28.87 Mbps for downloads and 10.4 Mbps for uploads. Verizon on a other palm can usually apparently hoop 4G LTE speeds of adult to 12Mbps downstream, so it is going to be unequivocally engaging indeed when ATT showcase their unequivocally initial 4G LTE handset that will be means to denote these new speeds effectively.

So as we can see, a Droid BIonic might not be so special after all once it is released. If ATT do conduct to move out a higher device with faster information speeds as good as a latest hardware specifications, would we cruise relocating to ATT, or will we still be calm with a Droid Bionic?

The round is in ATT’s justice now it seems. Give us your thoughts on this.

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  •  ATT’s 4g network was tested with no consumer speeds. During a exam it might have ran blazing quick numbers, yet thats usually with no one on their 4gLTE network.

  •  Speed tests don’t meant most until there is a decent bucket on a network.  So while a exam shows how high a speed can go, we don’t know what it will be like with thousands of business on it.  If this network is faster than Verizon’s network, how will that impact battery life?  Seems as yet battery life is already an emanate on these high finish Android phones.  

  •  I’ve review several articles like this in a past twin days, and they’re all unequivocally ignorant. Even if ATT could uncover that their network granted faster speeds, Verizon’s LTE network is distant some-more established. we don’t consider a Bionic has anything to worry about.

  • I’m still watchful for a bionic no matter who comes out with whatever. we only wish it would come out already.

  • I’m still watchful for a bionic no matter who comes out with whatever. we only wish it would come out already.

  • I’m still watchful for a bionic no matter who comes out with whatever. we only wish Motorola wouldn’t announce a product in Jan and afterwards not be means to furnish it until mid-summer. Also promotion 4G LTE network with no genuine decent phone to use on it is unequivocally a rubbish of my time. When are these companies going to get there act together.

  • I’m only ill of Motorola and Verizon not being means to broach on time.  At slightest ATT knows how to strike a betrothed recover date.All we wish is 4G, twin core, good screen, and prolonged battery life.  Is that to most to ask for?  

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