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Motorola Droid Bionic speckled in leaked Best Buy ad

This leaked Best Buy ad reportedly contains a Droid Bionic in a stately newly redesigned casing. The flyer, that conspicuously omits a launch date and instead simply says “coming soon,” does uncover us a many incomparable Droid Bionic that’s bigger and some-more rectilinear than a chronicle of a Bionic we saw during CES during a commencement of a year.

The flyer does divulge that a Droid Bionic will underline a “superfast” dual-core processors, HDMI on-board, wireless syncing with PCs, and cameras on a front and a back for video discuss and photography. The flyer does not, however, embody sum that many sales flyers would, like pricing, a pixel fortitude of those twin cameras, or a form of processor underneath a hood. It is, however, emblazoned with a Verizon Wireless trademark and a 4G LTE logo.

None of this is news, we knew that a Bionic would get a new form factor, and we knew that it would have a dual-core processor underneath a hood and twin cameras. However, This Is My Next is assured that this unequivocally is a promo flyer for a Droid Bionic, and it wouldn’t be too startling if it were: Motorola has been vouchsafing out information low and delayed about a Bionic in hopes to drum adult seductiveness in their long-delayed, often-leaked device.

What is engaging and new about a ad is that it’s started a whole new turn of conjecture about when a Bionic will land in Verizon stores. Android Community thinks it’ll be out subsequent month, around early August, and CNet is observant a same thing. Verizon Wireless and Motorola will usually contend “summer,” or “Q3.” Slowly though surely, we might indeed be inching towards a release.

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