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Motorola DROID Bionic program refurbish starts pulling out to users

Motorola DROID Bionic Verizon

Last weekend we got breeze of a new Motorola DROID Bionic soak exam that was incoming, and afterwards a few days after Verizon announced a full sum of a update. Now Bionic owners are stating that a new program has begun rolling out to users everywhere, completing a final step of an update’s life cycle. The refurbish will strike a Bionic adult to chronicle 5.9.902 and weighs in during 57.6MB. Once we get it adult and running, Verizon says that we can design to find improved battery life, improvements to information connectivity and stability, and increasing device stability. We’ve got a full changelog for a refurbish prepared and watchful for we below.

It’s always good to see updates being pushed out to handsets, generally when they’re as brawny and bug fix-filled as this one is. If you’ve got a Bionic and it hasn’t nonetheless perceived a presentation for a 5.9.902 update, we can check for it manually by streamer into Menu Settings About phone System updates. Don’t forget to stop by a comments territory next once it’s commissioned to let us know if we see any improvements to device fortitude or information connectivity.

Device Features:

  • Added support for National Plus Code Dialing.
  • Added support for Bluetooth┬« Personal Area Networks (PAN).
  • Receive content summary alerts while on voice calls but voice call interruption.
  • Improved audio while streaming video to a TV regulating a HDMI connection.
  • Improved Bluetooth audio when interconnected and connected to a device.
  • Improvements in device fortitude forestall a following:
    • Black shade lockups
    • Camera multi-shot lockups
    • Idle resets
    • Multimedia wharf lockups
  • Device is now able of providing Verizon Emergency Alerts.
  • Improvements in battery life.

Data Connectivity:

  • Data connectivity and fortitude improvements.
  • Improvements in Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot download performance.

Application Improvements:

  • YouTube videos will resume play from their prior plcae after pausing to entrance a Notification Panel.
  • Composing a Visual Voice Mail summary no longer mutes a voice call.
  • Messages saved with Visual Voice Mail will store to a SD label aim shown on a user interface.
  • Visual Voice Mail improvements for summary storage and deletion.
  • Play WAV audio files.
  • The following apps are now preloaded:
    • Amazon MP3
    • VCAST Apps Store

Via Droid-Life

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