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Motorola Droid Bionic Screen Size Confirmed

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Last week we saw a ton of Motorola Droid Bionic photos trickle to a aspect arrangement us a pattern of a nearing 4G LTE smartphone as good as a look during a inside and a Droid Bionic’s battery. Prior to that, we had a flattering endless selection trickle around Motorola’s website that seemed to endorse usually about all that we suspicion we knew about a fugitive handset.

Droid Bionic

Still, we’ve been watchful for some some-more arguable justification to aspect before we can be certain that what we saw was a genuine understanding and today, a FCC filing of a Droid Bionic became open and now we have a plain demeanour during a phone that is rumored to be rising on or around Sep 8th.

Along with some new pictures, we also have acknowledgment that this device will be nearing with a 4.3-inch qHD arrangement and not a 4.5-inch sight that was rumored. Many of we were anticipating that a Droid Bionic would be entrance with a 4.5-inch shade and this has to be a harmful blow for those that had hold out hope. It also apparently has a microHDMI slot.

Droid Bionic

Android Central, after some digging, was means to find something rare buried in there. The user primer includes a territory on World Phone GSM capabilities. Might this meant that a Droid Bionic is as CDMA/LTE/GSM universe phone? First we’ve listened of it and as they indicate out, there appears to be information listed in a beam that is pulled from a guides of other devices.

A 4G LTE, dual-core, universe phone? Sounds flattering good to us though we wouldn’t count on it. What we would count on is a Sep recover of a 4G LTE dual-core smartphone that has taken distant too prolonged to get here.

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  • ahhh we suspicion for certain from a initial few pics that was gonna be a 4.5 in. screen, was anticipating to watch NFL games with a bigger shade though a universe phone underline some-more than creates adult for it, usually wish a true. If we didn’t know any improved we would consider we went on a growth operation to Motorola to puncture that adult Adam.

  • This was a unequivocally good phone to dream about and prolonged for… Back in January! Now it is already out of date, and is one upped by a new turn of phones entrance during a same time. Way to be slicing corner Moto.

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  • who’s phone is one upping a bionic?

  • Iphone 5……duh.

  • If a Bionic doesn’t come with a 720p screen, a a iPhone will roflstomp it.

  • That was funny… werent critical were you?

  • Iphone has and will continue to be one behind. Too many android phones to contest with though hey during slightest youll have a well-spoken reliable… OS

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