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Motorola Droid Bionic Reviewed | Android Smartphone Reviews | Smartphone Reviews

You know a Motorola Droid Bionic is a large understanding when people ask we possibly they should buy it or wait for a iPhone 5. That’s how many hype has preceded this Android superphone, that is a initial on Verizon‘s network to container both 4G LTE information and a dual-core processor. After a rarely publicized delay, a Bionic ($299) is prepared for a examination close-up. The device facilities a 4.3-inch qHD display, an 8-MP camera that can glow 1080p video, and a crafty app that turns a phone into a wireless tough drive. The device also plugs into discretionary docks for regulating Motorola’s webtop software, enabling users to roller a full web on a bigger screen. Read on to find out possibly this Android savage was value a wait.


The Droid Bionic is technically a thinnest 4G LTE phone from Verizon, nonetheless it has a mound in a behind during a tip that tapers from 0.5 inches to 0.43 inches. At slightest this mound isn’t as conspicuous as it is on a Droid X2. A dim chrome chin underneath a shade adds some aptitude on a Bionic, nonetheless a matte black behind looks and feels plain compared to a some-more rubberized finish and kickstand on a Photon 4G.

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The 5.6-ounce Bionic is lighter than a LG Revolution (6.1 ounces) and HTC Thunderbolt (6.2 ounces). However, a Samsung Droid Charge, during 5 ounces, is still a lightest in Verizon‘s LTE stable. The Bionic is not unwieldy, nonetheless it’s really beefier than a iPhone 4 (0.37 inches thin, 4.8 ounces). How many do we value a Motorola’s incomparable 4.3-inch screen?

Two slight volume buttons line a right side of a Droid Bionic, while a left side of a phone houses microUSB and microHDMI ports. Sadly, we won’t find a dedicated camera button. Righties won’t conclude that a energy pitch is on a tip left of a phone; we had to widen a finger to spin a handset on.

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Display and Audio

The 4.3-inch arrangement on a Droid Bionic is flattering many matching to a quarrel on a Photon 4G, and that’s a positive. You get a same splendid picture, far-reaching observation angles, and frail qHD fortitude (960 x 540 pixels). Plus, a shade is done of Gorilla Glass, so it should be means to mount adult to a satisfactory volume of abuse. When examination the Contagion trailer on YouTube, we beheld some artifacts in darker scenes nonetheless a colors looked vibrant.

That trailer also came by shrill and clear, interjection to a absolute orator right subsequent to a 8-MP camera. The Bionic also boomed when we dismissed adult “Ooh La” from The Kooks on Slacker. Just keep in mind that a orator gets muffled when we place a behind of a phone down on a list or table.


The Droid Bionic keyboard is flattering many a same blueprint you’ll find on other Motorola Android phones. Typing in mural mode keyboard felt tighten and resulted in some typos, while landscape mode yielded many improved accuracy. We found a haptic feedback irritating so we incited it off. You can entrance numbers nonetheless toggling to that blueprint by prolonged dire on a tip quarrel of letters.

Swype is on house a Bionic as well, good for discerning one-handed typing. That blueprint also includes some-more delegate keys we can prolonged press to enter, such as a @ symbol. Neither a customary keyboard nor Swype keyboard has a .com button.


The Droid Bionic runs Motorola’s interface on tip of Android OS 2.3.4. There are some sharp tweaks here for sure. For example, a Favorites widget fans out into a grid when we appropriate down on it. Another pointed reason is a approach a icons radiate when we appropriate from one homescreen to a next. The default Droid wallpaper–a red-on-gray circuit house motif–is pretty geek chic.

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It’s not pretty, nonetheless we conclude a My Data Usage Widget on a initial homescreen to a left. It shows we how many information you’ve used in tighten to real-time.

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On a other hand, Motorola’s interface infrequently gets in a way. To supplement an app by-pass to a homescreen, we prolonged press on an app, afterwards confirm possibly we wish to put supplement it to a folder or a homescreen. Positioning a by-pass is nonetheless another step, so one liquid movement becomes dual unwieldy ones. Some might wish to base a Bionic and run another ROM only since of this flaw.

Specs and Performance

Motorola’s prior dual-core phones were powered by Nvidia’s Tegra processor, nonetheless a association opted for a TI OMAP 4430 CPU for a Bionic and interconnected it with 1GB of memory. The device was really discerning when opening applications, and we beheld 0 loiter when flicking between homescreens and multiple app screens. This smartphone was buttery well-spoken for a many part, with a difference of a check when switching shade orientations.

When it comes to benchmark performance, a Bionic binds a own. For instance, a handset notched a 53.3 measure in a mult-threaded apportionment of a Linpack test, compared to 49.5 for a Nvidia Tegra-powered Photon 4G. However, a Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered myTouch 4G Slide purebred a aloft 57.6.

In a CPU apportionment of a Benchmark app, a TI-powered Bionic incited in a allied measure to a Photon (2,955 vs 3,017). The Bionic handily kick a myTouch 4G Slide (2,255), HTC Thunderbolt (2,103), and Samsung Droid Charge (1,569).

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Where a Bionic trails some of the competition is graphics performance. In An3DBench, a device scored 6,990, behind both a Photon 4G (7,522) and myTouch 4G Slide (7,098) nonetheless forward of a HTC Thunderbolt (6,290) and Droid Charge (6,925). Nevertheless, a Droid Bionic delivered liquid animation and frail sum when personification a bundled demo of Let’s Golf 2

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You positively won’t be lacking for storage space on a Bionic. The device has 16GB built in, and Verizon bundles a 16GB microSD label with a device.


The Bionic is installed with some-more than only your standard intelligent phone apps. Thanks to a bundled ZumoCast app, we could access documents, photos, music, and videos from a PC right on a Droid Bionic. All we indispensable to do was pointer adult for an criticism online, download a PC software, and afterwards pointer in on a phone. From there we could tide all of a things over a web. Granted, your PC needs to be on, nonetheless ZumoCast works anywhere and it’s free.

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When contrast ZumoCast we began streaming MP3s from a laptop over a Web in about 5 seconds. A shave of Iron Man 2 streamed from a tough expostulate sounded tinny and looked frivolous during initial over a Bionic’s 4G tie nonetheless smoothed out after several seconds.

The Bionic also comes with NFL Mobile, that lets we keep tabs on your favorite teams and players, as good as watch live games on Thursday night, Sunday night, and now Monday night. Videosurf–a Shazam for video–sounds cooler than it is. The app successfully identified an partial of The Office and afterwards let us post a criticism to Facebook or Twitter, nonetheless module guides give people many of a info they need.

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Business users will conclude that a Droid Bionic comes with Citrix Receiver for accessing craving applications remotely, GoToMeeting, and Quickoffice for observation and modifying documents. You can also imitation papers and photos wirelessly to networked printers around a Motoprint app.

The Bionic accesses a Android Market for downloading additional apps, and a library has grown to some-more than 250,000 choices.

4G Data and Web Browsing

Verizon‘s 4G LTE network now covers about half a country, and we can pattern overwhelming speeds from a Bionic. In a tests regulating we saw an normal of 11.6 Mbps downloads and 3.4 Mbps uploads, with bursts on a downlink adult to 20.1 Mbps. These numbers are identical to what a LG Revolution and Samsung Droid Charge incited in, nonetheless a HTC Thunderbolt is a stream speed champ with an normal of 14.1 Mbps down and 4.6 up.

The Bionic pulled down mobile sites (CNN, ESPN, NYTimes) in 3 to 4 seconds and full desktop sites like Yahoo and a full NYTimes in 7 to 9 seconds. We were equally tender by how a Bionic rubbed Flash content. An partial of Conan O’Brien we streamed from TBS looked transparent during full screen.

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Call Quality and Battery Life

Calls done with a Droid Bionic in New York and New Jersey came by transparent on a finish of a line. Other callers pronounced they could hear fuzziness on a line when we weren’t vocalization nonetheless that we differently sounded fine. The speakerphone on a Bionic is great; we could simply hear other callers from opposite a medium-size office.

The Bionic facilities a beefiest battery of any Verizon 4G LTE phone during 1730mAh. Unfortunately, a device unsuccessful a battery exam (continuous surfing on 4G during 40 percent brightness) partial of a approach through. But if we extrapolate a formula we would pattern a Bionic to final 7 hours and 30 mins on a charge. That’s improved than a Droid Charge (6:42) and LG Revolution (5:13) and many longer than a HTC Thunderbolt (3:56).

Anecdotally, a Bionic lasted about 8 hours during assuage to complicated usage. Engaging hotspot mode, though, significantly impacts endurance. We were down to 20 percent extract left after 4 hours of few use.

Camera and Camcorder

Outdoors, a Bionic’s 8-MP camera took pretty minute photos, including one of a yellow SUV cab from opposite a stormy street. Indoors, we beheld a satisfactory volume of graininess. Engaging a peep really helps, nonetheless we have to reason a phone solid since it takes a few seconds for a Bionic to concentration and fire. The phone wasn’t discerning on a pull outside, either. Among Android phones, a myTouch 4G Slide and Samsung Galaxy SII have aloft cameras that glow faster and advantage from backside bright sensors.

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At slightest a Bionic can record 1080p video, adult from 720p on a Photon 4G. Our footage of downtown New York trade exhibited an difference spin of fact and was stutter-free. As you’ll see in a clip, we can simply make out folds in umbrellas from a few feet away.

Lapdock and Other Accessories

The Bionic’s discretionary Lapdock ($299) transforms this Android phone into a mini 11.6-inch laptop, finish with additional battery. Plus, we can get $100 off a wharf if we pointer adult for a $50 or aloft information plan. As with a Atrix 4G on ATT, joining a phone to a wharf launches Motorola’s webtop interface, that includes a full Firefox 4 browser. That means we can entrance sites that would differently be off-limits on a handset, such as Hulu. The webtop module also lets we see what’s on your phone in a smaller window.

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The problem is that a Lapdock’s keyboard is too small. Plus, we beheld some latency when typing in a webtop interface. The touchpad’s correctness also leaves something to be desired. This is not an appendage we recommend. Also note that a Atrix 4G’s wharf doesn’t work with a Bionic.

The good news is that we can entrance webtop on a Bionic regulating other accessories. The $99 HD Station comes with USB ports for plugging in a USB keyboard and mouse, as good as a media remote. But a many affordable choice is a new $29 Adapter for Webtop Application that connects to any HDMI-equipped TV or guard (pictured). When we activate webtop on a Bionic it changes a shade turns into a practical touchpad, finish with two-finger scrolling. The adapter worked well, nonetheless we wish we didn’t need to be tethered to a TV to use it. Wireless mirroring capability would be many better.

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Other add-ons embody a Vehicle Navigation Dock ($39.99) and a Battery Dock ($49.99), that is a pocket-sized appendage that can assign a Bionic and an additional battery simultaneously.

Pricing and Value

The Droid Bionic costs $299 with a new two-year contract. Plans start during $39.99 for 450 voice mins per month and $30 for 2GB of data. Mobile Hotspot information skeleton start during $30 for 2GB of data, that includes USB tethering.


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The Droid Bionic is really a fastest 4G LTE phone yet, and it’s a new tip smartphone collect for Verizon Wireless. The $299 cost is steep, nonetheless we get dual-core energy and blazing information speeds, and a brood of useful apps. We also like a qHD shade and shrill speakers. The Samsung Droid Charge has a improved AMOLED arrangement for examination video and sleeker design, nonetheless a Bionic has a faster dual-core processor and offers longer battery life.

While we’re not penetrating on a Bionic’s Lapdock accessory, a webtop app itself can come in accessible for those who wish to spin this phone into a mini mechanism regulating an outmost monitor. With a iPhone 5 and rumored Samsung Droid Prime (running a new Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS) watchful in a wings, a Bionic’s power as aristocrat could be brief lived. But right now Motorola’s powerhouse is your best bet.

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