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Motorola Droid Bionic Poised to Get Important Update

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Verizon is prepared to broach an critical refurbish to a Motorola Droid Bionic. Unfortunately for owners, it’s not Ice Cream Sandwich though it’s still a illusory refurbish nonetheless.

While a update, a essence of that Verizon has posted to a website, might not underline an endless list of bug fixes and enhancements, it does enclose one large underline that should pleasure those who purchased Verizon’s initial dual-core 4G LTE smartphone.

First detected by a folks during Droid-Life, a refurbish promises to “reduce information stalls to urge 4G LTE information connectivity.” This is positively outrageous for Droid Bionic owners and should seaside adult a issues that many of we have created in to protest about over a final 10 months.

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In addition, a program refurbish will offer adult an softened visible voicemail that will assistance to make certain that notifications will seem in a device’s standing bar.

Verizon has also bound some sound issues for users creation calls regulating Bluetooth.

All in all, it’s a tiny 42.5MB refurbish though that information connectivity repair is going to be an critical one for many Droid Bionic owners out there.

Obviously, this isn’t a refurbish that a masses were looking for. That refurbish is, of course, a Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich refurbish that Motorola has betrothed for a device.

The manufacturer says that a update will be out in Q3 of 2012 that means it could hurl out any time during a months of July, Aug and September.

No specific date for a Android 4.0 hurl out has been given.

As for a bug repair update, we design it to hurl out to Droid Bionic owners during some indicate in a nearby future.

Keep an eye out.

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