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Motorola Droid Bionic owners disappointment over ICS refurbish letdown

Today we wish to plead a Motorola Droid Bionic smartphone and a beating that many owners of this device are feeling over a miss of Android 4.0 ICS refurbish so far, another letdown in a rather contemptible tale. While many device users are already enjoying a delights of 4.1 Jelly Bean we shouldn’t forget that copiousness of other phone owners still haven’t been upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich. People who have a Droid Bionic are among those still watchful for ICS and we can frequency censure them for meditative that they got a brief straw when they purchased a Bionic.

We can still remember a initial fad when a Droid Bionic was initial denounced approach behind in Jan 2011 during CES. At that time a Droid Bionic looked as nonetheless it would be a radical alleviation on many other Android smartphones bringing with it some unequivocally top-notch specs. The Bionic shortly became one of a many rarely approaching smartphones that we can remember with many intensity business vowing to squeeze it as shortly as it was released. However during that time they couldn’t have presumably have foreseen that it wouldn’t recover until September, some 8 months later! Indeed during CES Motorola positive business it would be expelled in Q2 of that year.

The difficulty with a manufacturer holding such a prolonged time between a proclamation of a device and a tangible recover is that in a interlude other inclination come along. It wasn’t too prolonged before these newer phones were also charity a identical high-end specs of a Droid Bionic and afterwards after even some-more months went by, even improved phones arrived. There was even conjecture that as so prolonged had upheld given a Bionic was introduced it might be scrapped altogether.

However many constant business creatively vehement during a suspicion of a Droid Bionic continued to reason on and eventually many months after expected, managed to during final get their hands on a phone. We’re not observant that a Droid Bionic isn’t a decent adequate handset though a time between a entrance and indeed attack a shelves positively contributed to it being usually a ‘decent enough’ handset rather than something groundbreaking.

Putting it bluntly Droid Bionic owners haven’t perceived a best patron use from Motorola and we’ve been gripping readers sensitive as to when a device should accept a 4.0.4 ICS update. Motorola reliable that a Droid Bionic was one of a phones that would accept ICS approach behind in Dec 2011 and nonetheless owners are still waiting. Again Motorola has let Bionic owners down with this so far, as users were eventually sensitive a refurbish would come in Q3 this year. Remember that was already some months after many other device owners perceived ICS though still Droid Bionic owners hold on patiently, or not so patiently. Two weeks ago we gave readers a latest conditions on a Bionic ICS refurbish as a Motorola executive concurred a complaints of a crowd of Bionic owners on his Google+ page.

Motorola Mobility’s VP of Product Punit Soni supposed that Bionic owners had reason to be unfortunate with a conditions and responded by observant that Motorola was now operative on a issues per a phone. Complaints enclosed not usually a refurbish to ICS though also a sealed bootloader, 4G problems and other concerns and Soni went as distant as observant that Droid Bionic owners had perceived a “raw deal.” Soni asked that owners be studious while they addressed these issues though during a same time Motorola expelled a latest ICS refurbish list and it showed a ICS refurbish for a Droid Bionic had now been pushed behind to Q4 instead of Q3.

Of march this means that nonetheless a refurbish could arrive shortly, it could still be dual or 3 some-more months divided and this news indignant many owners. We had a outrageous volume of response to this post with many readers commenting about their distrurbance and beating during a program refurbish being pushed behind after already watchful so long. You can see a post and a many comments to it here and see for yourself usually how vehemently many reacted to this latest letdown from Motorola. Plenty pronounced they will never squeeze another Motorola device again and there was a lot of feeling destined during Motorola and Verizon as good as bewail that they ever purchased a Droid Bionic in a initial place.

Some Droid Bionic owners also mentioned that if Motorola could accept they’d had a “raw deal” afterwards a association should offer some arrange of remuneration and a Phone Dog essay creates a really good indicate about accurately this. It asserts that as a release, support and updates for a Droid Bionic have all been so badly rubbed by Motorola and also as Punit Soni pronounced there was a “plan” per a device, that some arrange of financial remuneration should have been forthcoming.

For instance those Motorola business who have already been sensitive that their device won’t get a ICS refurbish during all have been offering $100 credit towards a squeeze of a opposite device, such as a arriving Droid RAZR HD or a Droid RAZR MAXX HD. However Droid Bionic owners who have waited months for a ICS refurbish and afterwards seen it pushed behind to Q4 have been offering zero during all and can certainly be forgiven for feeling that once again they’ve been dealt a bad hand.

This is where we’d like some submit from you, a readers. We’d like to know how we feel now about a fact that there’s still no organisation date for a ICS ascent to come to a Droid Bionic? If we possess a Droid Bionic do we feel unhappy or plain indignant that we still don’t have Ice Cream Sandwich? Would remuneration towards a newer Motorola device make adult for how Motorola has managed this conditions or maybe we have no goal of purchasing another Motorola phone, so it would make no disproportion to you? Let us know with your comments.

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