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Motorola DROID Bionic Maintenance Upgrade Now Rolling Out

The Motorola DROID BIONIC was suggested to be removing a flattering large upkeep ascent though during a time we didn’t know when we’d be removing it. We knew what we’d be removing (check below) and approaching an refurbish within a subsequent integrate of weeks though we didn’t design to get it this soon. The soak tests are now over and a ascent is reliable to be rolling out to users everywhere. Be certain to check your phone if we haven’t already automatically pulled it down over-the-air. Head to Verizon for some-more sum and instructions on upgrading. [AC,]

E-mail, messaging and data

Improved fortitude of information on 3G and 4G
Fixed jail that could start while browing during a handoff from Wifi to 4G
“Data roaming” pop-up summary will arrangement once when roaming in CDMA internationally
Jump to a many new summary after changing a device course while in summary list view
Device features

Mobile hotspot now supports adult to 8 devices
Black shade of genocide fixed
Improved fortitude to equivocate energy cycles
Fix close adult and energy cycles when connected to Bluetooth headset or HDMI cable
Improved cold SIM label activation speed
“Low memory” warnings when regulating a Laptop have been reduced
Improved camera autofocus for improved shiver response time and improved imagery
Location remoteness summary will arrangement when regulating plcae formed use setup
Fixed emanate where device would energy behind adult after being powered down

Improved stability
Display will not spin off after use
Calling shade will no longer be recreated
Reduced frequence fo a “Low memory” warning messages

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