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Motorola Droid Bionic LapDock Priced during $300?

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Leaked pricing advise that Motorola and Verizon Wireless might be pricing a singular LapDock Laptop Dock appendage during $300, a distant cry from affordability deliberation that users can get a full netbook that is able of so most some-more for a same price. The LapDock garnered a lot of attention during CES progressing this year when it was expelled for a ATT Mobility Atrix 4G smartphone, though given then, it has also garnered a lot of critique for pricing.

Not usually is a appendage itself costly, and is labelled like a notebook, ATT also compulsory an additional imperative tethering plan appendage to use a LapDock. Given that a LapDock itself is a ‘dumb’ appendage that has no OS, no CPU or GPU, and is fundamentally only a bombard with a vast keyboard, screen, combined battery, and touchpad, it creates no clarity to need a tethering devise as everything–OS, estimate power, modem–was driven from a smartphone itself.

At this stage, it’s misleading if Verizon Wireless will be requiring users to supplement a additional tethering devise to use a LapDock.

The $300 pricing trickle comes by approach of The Droid Guy, that performed a screenshot of Verizon’s complement depicting a $299.97 cost tag.


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