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Motorola DROID Bionic Jelly Bean refurbish nearing Q2

The Motorola DROID BIONIC was one of Verizon’s many storied devices. It was on a wrong side of storied, however, as a story is a bit tainted. Even before launch, a device was being juggled about a offices of Motorola and Verizon, undergoing during slightest one vital redesign and experiencing extensive delays.

The fun didn’t stop there. Multiple program bugs positively tormented a device, and a Big Red squad wasn’t quite lightning quick in regards to regulating them. Things eventually smoothed out over time, and while there might not be many of we left owning a device, a ones who’ve stranded by thick and skinny are about to be rewarded.

Motorola has updated a device upgrades portal to uncover that Jelly Bean will shortly be entrance to a Motorola DROID Bionic. The recover window has usually been set to Q2, and while that’s a flattering far-reaching net to expel we’re during slightest happy that’s set to start in only a few days. It could be headed here Apr 1st or it could be alighting Jun 31st. Either way, we’re going to reason Motorola and Verizon to a day between those dual dates so we’ll be gripping the eye out for it, and so should you.

[Motorola, thanks to everybody who sent this in!]

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