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Motorola Droid Bionic ICS Update To Roll Out in September, Says Rep

After vouchsafing a Aug 15 “deadline” pass though observant a singular word to consumers, Motorola has finally supposing some information on a Droid Bionic’s refurbish from Android 2.3 Gingerbread to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The usually thing about this refurbish is that it isn’t an central refurbish from Motorola, though a used news from one of a employees.

The unnamed Motorola worker claims that a association will be rolling out Android 4.0 someday subsequent month, though did not mention when accurately in Sep a refurbish will be available.

So if this worker is on a level, it is probable that instead of “early in a third entertain of 2012” as once promised, Droid Bionic owners will be removing an ascent to ICS towards a finish of Q3 2012. The poser repute combined that a refurbish is currently in development, that means it’s already upheld a contrast stage.

If this is a case, afterwards we wish a camber is scold and that a refurbish will be rolling out in a initial half of Sep instead of a second half. Usually, updates hurl out immediately after successfully flitting a contrast process.

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Despite a large delays, conjunction Motorola nor Verizon Wireless has done an central matter or explained a reasons because Android 4.0 is holding so prolonged to be rolled out to Droid Bionic owners. At slightest we’ve now got assurance, even if it’s unofficial, that a wait for Ice Cream Sandwich OS might shortly be over.

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