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Motorola DROID Bionic ICS Update Hovering in Smoke

Not all was good in a DROID universe for a while now. Motorola’s DROID Bionic didn’t get to cruise on well-spoken waters ever given a association announced a handset.

While Motorola launched a phone in Jan final year, it took 9 months for it to wharf into shelves. And even then, after being inducted into a hands of dedicated Motorola lovers, a DROID Bionic still lacks a support of a Ice Cream Sandwich.

While Motorola’s refurbish report forked out an ‘Early Q3’ timeline for a phone’s ICS update, a Bionic is still ICS-less. Thanks to a amicable networking scene, handset owners were means to opening their beating on a Google+ page of Punit Soni, Vice President during Motorola.

Motorola DROID Bionic ICS Update Hovering in Smoke

Punit Soni has been in a VP’s chair for usually a few weeks, and he is holding his purpose severely and catering to a customers’ comments, perplexing to patch adult a ends that came lax over a years.

In response to a fans’ queries about a DROID Bionic, Soni has let out some engaging info, commenting that a Motorola fans have been fed a “raw deal” and that Motorola “could do approach better”.

Soni emphasized that his group is doing all it can to make things improved and that a has a devise in movement for a Bionic, nonetheless he didn’t contend what that would be. His respond went like this:

“We have a devise for Bionic. we am now solidifying things to safeguard we can tell it, dedicate and follow up. we consider we guys have gotten a tender understanding and we could do approach better. But we are one of a tip few things we worry about when we demeanour during upgrades.”

It should be heartening for a fans to know that Motorola has a devise adult their sleeve. We are scarcely by to a fourth entertain and while Motorola’s report competence come to naught, with Soni’s replies, a ICS refurbish competence not be so distant off now.

Do we have a Bionic? If there’s an ICS update around a corner, we’ll howl and we will know.

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