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Motorola Droid Bionic ICS Update Finally Reaches All Users

By Brian Fulcher | 10/24/2012

Now, after such a torturous wait, owners of a Motorola Droid Bionic can finally breathe a whine of relief. The manufacturer has sent out emails to Verizon subscribers who were comparison as partial of a smartphone’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich soak test, that settled that formed on a formula of a initial roll-out, a new program package will start nearing on some-more Droid Bionics starting a dusk of Oct 23.

Granted, this will still be a phased roll-out, with some markets removing their Ice Cream Sandwich updates rather after than others. However, formed on initial feedback, it seems like Motorola and Verizon have gotten improved with a wider recover of their Android updates, given comparatively few people have been angry about not removing a new program yet.

However, a success of a soak exam has clearly not prevented some issues from gathering adult in a refurbish process. Some have complained that a refurbish wiped their phones totally but informing a user, others have brought adult issues about solidified refurbish processes, and nonetheless others explain that they humour from a accumulation of usability issues on installing a update.

Despite this, many comments about a refurbish seem to prove that a normal user is happy adequate with their creatively Ice Cream Sandwich-infused Droid Bionics. Still, a complaints prove that a common warnings about smartphone updates should apply: behind all up, and if possible, wait for other users’ feedback before installing a new software.

Meanwhile, usually time will tell if users have to wait a likewise prolonged volume of time before Motorola releases a Jelly Bean refurbish for a Droid Bionic (if it indeed does get around to it).

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