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Motorola Droid Bionic Gets Custom ICS Port (CM9)

Motorola officially announced that  their Droid Bionic would see an ascent to Android 4.0 in a entrance months, however some users might get a ambience of Ice Cream Sandwich on their inclination right now.

Alpha recover of a tradition CyanogenMod9 pier named Ics4Bionic has found a approach to Droid masses during a Droid Forums. Features of this ICS pier include:

What works:
Graphics operative well-spoken now
ADB is operative so we can lane a rest
Capacitive buttons
Charging indicator
Both SD Cards
Built-in Screenshot
Reboot menu
Phone and SMS works
GPS entirely functional
Audio entirely working
1x information now working
NOTE: we might have to dial *#*#4636#*#* (or use Phone Info from a market) and toggle information mode between modes. For me toggling to GSM or WCDMA and afterwards behind to CDMA customarily usually does it. Once we see a standing change to different leave it there it takes adult to a notation to connect.

Not working:
3G/4G data….still classification it out
USB support is still in swell infrequently it will mountain in windows

Usual caveats and disclaimers request to all dauntless souls that might wish to switch to ICS forward of a throng — even but operative 3G or 4G data, and with non-working camera. Then, a procession is rather involved and formed on use of a special SafeStrap bootstrapping application for a Bionic.

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