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Motorola Droid Bionic Gets an Important Update

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We told we that a Motorola Droid Bionic was in line to get an critical refurbish from Verizon and today, that refurbish has finally started to hurl out.

We’ve listened from several Droid Bionic owners who contend that Verizon has started to lift out a Droid Bionic’s .905 refurbish today. The refurbish should be accessible to lift manually by a device’s settings and it should usually take a few moments to implement and get adult and running.

Now, of course, this refurbish isn’t Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. We know that that refurbish is slated for Q3 and that a hurl out is progressing. However, this refurbish is an critical one as it fixes an emanate that some Droid Bionic owners have been angry about for utterly some time.

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Here is a demeanour during a full changelog.

  • Re-calibrated volume of a call bond and undo tones to be some-more gentle for Bluetooth users.
  • Improved Visual Voice Mail to safeguard smoothness of a presentation to a Status bar.
  • Reduced information stalls to urge 4G LTE information connectivity

The initial dual are good though it’s a final one that’s important. Droid Bionic owners have prolonged complained about issues with 4G LTE connectivity and this .905 refurbish should seaside those issues up.

While it’s not Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich though it’s positively a good satisfaction esteem and a pointer that Verizon is still perplexing to iron out all of a issues that are on a Droid Bionic.

So, those with a Droid Bionic will wish to check to see if a refurbish is accessible now, and afterwards start to patiently wait for Ice Cream Sandwich.

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  1. St. Louis Joe says:

    Since this new update, my Bionic’s battery life has left to hell. we was means to go all day on a singular charge. Since a update, I’ve had to recharged twice a day. And a phone is using so prohibited that we can't keep it in my pocket.

    Anyone else carrying a identical problem?

    • Adam says:

      I am carrying a same problem. Since a update, a battery drains really fast and a phone is removing too prohibited to keep in my pocket.

      • St. Louis Joe says:

        Verizon had me do a bureau reboot. It appears to be working. The phone is using scrupulously now and staying cool. The downside, of course, is carrying to reinstall everything, but, oh well.

        You can do a bureau reboot by going to:
        Settings Privacy Factory information reset

        Good luck.

  2. Mark says:

    My Bionic was misbehaving after a update. we pulled a battery and SIM card, afterwards reassembled. That helped. It’s a same recommendation a tech table suggested weeks ago. Pulling a SIM label causes some other updating to occur.

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