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Motorola Droid Bionic Appears in Best Buy’s Sep Buyer’s Guide

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The Motorola Droid Bionic launch is removing closers. This week a Motorola Droid Bionic creates an entrance in a Best Buy Mobile Phone Buyer’s Guide for September.

We don’t have an central recover date for a Motorola Droid Bionic, yet a inclusion of a device alongside a infancy of Verizon’s 4G LTE lineup solidifies a Sep lineup. Based on a information we now have, a Motorola Droid Bionic will launch on Sep 8th.

Motorola Droid Bionic Best Buy

The Motorola Droid Bionic is a 4G LTE smartphone regulating Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) with a twin core 1GHz processor. This is a initial twin core 4G LTE smartphone on Verizon’s network.

The Droid Bionic has a 8MP behind confronting camera that can record in 1080P and a VGA peculiarity front confronting camera that sits above a 4.3″ display.

There is no official pricing on a Droid Bionic, yet we are awaiting a sub-$600 full sell cost with a probability of a $299 twin year agreement price. This cost has done an entrance in several locations now, and while a Best Buy ad doesn’t list a price, a Bionic is farthest to a left, subsequent to a $299 Samsung Charge.

We asked final week if we would still wish to squeeze a Droid Bionic during $299, and an startling 68% of we pronounced that we would pass on a device during $300. It’s not startling that so many of we don’t wish to get a Bionic during this price, deliberation a iPhone 5 will cost $199 and other competing Android inclination aren’t as expensive.

As Adam Mills has forked out before, Verizon is charging a reward to get on their 4G LTE network. Instead of charging we a monthly fee, a phones are some-more costly upfront.

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  • Bionic sucks!

  • Yeah right. What happened is that we upgraded to early and we unequivocally wish this phone and instead we bought a lightningbolt. Maybe subsequent time buddy.

  • “considering a iPhone 5 will cost $199″

    who pronounced a iphone 5 would be 199?

  • Not charging a cost for 4g? I’m flattering certain tiered information skeleton instead of carrying sum is charging us, even if it isn’t direct. Verizon is raping us yet unfortunately they have a best use and this will be a good phone for a integrate years that during that indicate a landscape could be totally different.

  •  You guys should check your internal Best Buy Mobile to see if they price-match websites like Wirefly.Com and such.  we live in Charlotte and my BBYM price-matched Wirefly when we got my Thunderbolt awhile back, and we got a fool for $129 when it was still upwards of $249 during Verizon.  Just a workaround that competence be available.

  • To be totally honest I’d rather spend some-more upfront on a phone rather than compensate some-more monthly for LTE. I’m flattering pumped to have a 4G phone and have entrance to those information speeds. I’m going to get a Bionic given we have a Eris and anything would be an upgrade. Waiting until Nov or Dec isn’t unequivocally something that sounds appealing with this Eris.

  • Why are they offered a Revolution for 249?  Isnt it down to 199 now?

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  • this phone will be unequivocally good yet not value 300 when a moto atrix is what 100 and is  a same phone reduction lte and a improved camera ruin we can find a atrix for 50 also a electron is usually 199. 

    I have a ascent yet during this cost we will wait for a samsung s2d being smaller and faster a htc vitality with it’s anticipation spec twin core 1.5 ghz dre beats and a 720p screen.  we soubt possibly choice will be some-more than 300 ruin we competence wait to see i phone if all a choice suck.

     My x has crappy audio can’t even speak in a parking lot given it’s not shrill adequate so we wish a bionic improves on that aspect becausue it looks like htc will concentration on that.

    When we consider about ti compared to my x a bionic has twice a flesh and that’s good yet a shade is a same peculiarity and a phone has 4g this is usually a slight step adult to me given it does not urge in all aspects vs my phone. The vitality however improves in each aspect energy picture peculiarity 720p and hopefully audio not to contend a bionic will  not urge on that aspect yet this phone sound like it’s a genuine step adult as will a droid hd from moto. 

    Lastly all these phone will have gingerbread like we do now and that is good yet we unequivocally would like to buy a device that runs on gingerbread out of a box a reason being we do noyt wish to have this ne device regulating on a same os as we have right now 6 months after it;s like shopping a pc with windows 7 a week before win 8 comes out yet we are told we will get win 8 for giveaway yet will have to wait a year due to how quick android updates thats not a exageration i will wai t twin weeks and get a 8 pc during that point.

  • I usually p a i d $ 22.86 for an Droid Charge and my partner loves her Sony laptop that we got for $ 39.75 there nearing tomorrow by UPS.I will never compensate such costly sell prices in stores again.Especially when we also sole a 40 in. LED TV to my trainer for $645 that usually cost me $ 62.81 to buy.Here is a website we use to get it all from, GrabPennу.com

  • No approach we vocalization all kinds of english possibly bud.

  • Mfingnewton, we couldn’t have pronounced it improved myself. Bionic is a tip spec’d phone on a marketplace and anyone who complains about a $300 cost is usually stupid. we meant severely folks, how many of we went out and bought a Iphud when it expelled during over $400? and that was a sum square of crap compared to any android device on a market. $300 for a vast screen, twin core, a gig or DDR2 RAM, and 16 gig onboard all wrapped in a good LTE information plan… hmmm… what phone is it again that does that? oh… this one. Point, Set, and Match. 

  • Same understanding here…have an eris with a outrageous section of a battery container so it gets by a day and cyanogen CM7 so it runs a small some-more smoothly…can’t wait to ascent to this.

  • The Bionic is not a tip spec’d phone. It’s regulating a oldest twin core processor of a stream stand of twin cores. The Galaxy S II has a improved screen, faster processor, faster GPU, and slimmer design. The usually doubt is will a verizon Galaxy S II have LTE.

  • You are so correct. I’d rather compensate a small some-more adult front for a phone and to be on a LTE afterwards to compensate a monthly cost to be on a LTE.


  • You are so correct. I’d rather compensate a small some-more adult front for a phone and to be on a LTE afterwards to compensate a monthly cost to be on a LTE.


  • I’m contemptible could u repeat that? we couldn’t know what we pronounced with sanjay jhas and verizons dicks in ur mouth during a same time. Don’t speak with your mouth full.

  • Donatom is correct.

  • […] There is a collection of 12 new cities in a brew for Sep 15th, many of them in Illinois, that means that many of we now have a reason to get vehement about Verizon’s arriving Motorola Droid Bionic. […]

  • Such salivate here. You have to be a rascal to buy a phone from Verizon or a Verizon VAR when we will be means to get it most cheaper elsewhere.  we wish a best twin core 4g LTE phone that will be accessible in Sep and October.  we will try and get a best understanding probable and leave it during that.  It competence or competence not be a Bionic.  We all have a possess criteria for what we consider is a best so get what will make YOU happy and fits within your budget.  Whether any phone is value a cost or not is adult to a purchaser.  

  •  Yep, it certain is. Alas, even that is too most for a Revolution.

  • […] We have some complicated hitters that are rumored to be entrance out including a Samsung Galaxy S II, a Motorola Droid Bionic and a Google Nexus […]

  • Battery will be a thumbs adult if a what they pronounced 15hours of speak time

  • After all of a runaround with a Bionic, I’ve mislaid faith in a phone.  I’m watchful for a most improved one.  The Samsung Celox is entrance to Verizon as their Samsung Galaxy s2 variant.  It blows a Bionic out of a water. 1.5 Dual core in a Celox instead of a 1.0 in a Bionic.  Plus, all of a watchful and redoing of a Bionic leads me to trust it will be a crappy phone.  Samsung has always been a improved association with improved products.  I’m going with a Samsung, Ladies and Gents.  Good fitness with a Bionic though.  Hopefully I’m wrong about it being crappy.

  • What attracts me to a Bionic are a docks for it. The automobile wharf and a USB brimful doc. Perhaps we could offshoot adult a shade and a keyboard?

  • Apparently we will be means to. Just like a Att Atrix.

  • Idk where they get their info on apple handsets at, yet from a unreleased apple ad that we got my hands on it is going to be apple is going to be fixing their subsequent iPhone a iPhone 4G. And approbation it was confermed by apples authorised dialect when we got denied to recover a shade shots that we took!

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