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Motorola Droid Bionic Android 4.1 refurbish entrance soon?

If we possess a Motorola Droid Bionic smartphone, there is an denote that a new refurbish for a device might be rolling out soon. The smartphone usually perceived a Android 4.0 refurbish in Oct of 2012. A new news indicates that a Android 4.1 refurbish for a device on a Verizon Wireless network has been authorized to rollout.


The device is apparently listed on a Motorola ascent page as being approved. Motorola has been usually scratching names off a ascent list to Android 4.1 over a final several weeks. Often, when Motorola updates a central listings observant that a specific smartphone will be upgraded, a refurbish comes not too prolonged after.

With a Droid Bionic being scratched off a list this week, a wish is within a subsequent few weeks Jelly Bean will start rolling out to owners of a device. Another Verizon device was also checked off a ascent list recently and that device was a Xoom tablet.

Droid Bionic owners have been watchful for a Android 4.1 refurbish to land given final year. Seeing a device updated on Motorola’s central refurbish list should get owners of a Droid Bionic means to celebrate.

[via gottabemobile]

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