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Motorola Droid Bionic $299 Ad Leak Appears To Be Photoshopped

In what seemed to be a leaked Verizon ad or alighting page for a new and arriving Motorola Droid Bionic a few penetrating eyes quick saw what seemed to be a faked, or photoshopped image. Our good friends over during AndroidCommunity were discerning to mark a discrepancies and tear detached a article.

The strange picture ran over on androidcentral with all those sum we already knew such as a 4.3″ display, dual-core TI OMAP processor and more, though afterwards they combined a print that was a DROID DOES landing page we all know — it usually looked different. The trickle also showed a suggested cost tab of $299 for a Bionic and that lines adult with prior pricing on LTE handsets for Verizon such as a Droid Charge, though with a Bionic being both dual-core and LTE a cost could really good be different. It heedfulness me to see sites chuck things like a above picture adult usually for hits, or whatever it might be though during slightest a village was discerning to mark a differences.

Without removing too low into sum it looks as if a picture was pieced together by a few wily photoshop users. we don’t entirely know this subsequent couple though I’ll let we guys be a judge. This is a exam to see how many layers an picture has, and how many times any covering has been saved — check it out. Pretty engaging formula to contend a least. Images like a one next also usually seem a bit peculiar and totally opposite don’t we think?

We are all vehement to see what a Droid Bionic brings to a table. It recently passed a FCC, afterwards we saw leaks from Best Buy and we already knew it was entrance shortly so because get everybody vehement for zero until it’s indeed official? Verizon has a sign-up page for those meddlesome in conference some-more sum as well. With no other sum other than these few links above it heedfulness me to see something like a cost leaked usually to find it not to be totally accurate.

Either approach we are all vehement about a arriving Droid Bionic and can’t wait to get a hands on a blazing quick dual-core and 4G LTE operative together in harmony. The whole launch of this device has been a bit of a disaster though once we get it in for examination I’ll substantially forget all about a leaks, delays, and other gibberish. Stay tuned as we will have it for examination as shortly as possible.

[via Android Community]

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