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Motorola DROID 4, DROID BIONIC And DROID RAZR Work On T-Mobile’s EDGE Network

This story personifies because Android is an overwhelming height as it allows for hacking, tweaking, rooting, and tinkering as a folks during XDA make a really cold discovery. As it turns out, a Motorola DROID BIONIC using on Verizon Wireless indeed supports tellurian GSM bands for use on both ATT and T-Mobile networks. At first, a thought was dismissed, though after operative deeper and deeper into a phone’s hardware, it was detected that a MDM6600 radio works on ATT’s HSPA network and T-Mobile’s EDGE network.

Famed Android hacker P3Droid posted some images for explanation of judgment on his Twitter comment surpassing this morning, display a DROID BIONIC adult and using on ATT after some program changes.

Other Motorola and Verizon devices, like a DROID RAZR and DROID 4 also work as well. While this penetrate is expected to never accept Verizon’s blessing, it would concede for Verizon’s network to enhance a lineup of tellurian devices, generally if you’re a fan of XDA, rooting and hacking. Development is surpassing easily nonetheless Motorola’s sealed bootloaders are pronounced to be putting up speed bumps as work continues.

It’s all flattering overwhelming and while using a phone on T-Mobile’s EDGE network isn’t ideal, it’s fun to commend that it would work if we wanted to. Also, you’d wish to be approximate by Wi-Fi 90% of a time. Still, this is because Android is Android.

XDA around Phandroid, P3Droid




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