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Motorola Droid 3 Review: Specs Aren’t Everything

Update (7/22/2011): Motorola sent us a new section that had significantly reduction issues than a one we creatively received. We have practiced a examination and measure accordingly.

As an instance of a credo that specs don’t always matter, a Droid 3 is it. On paper, this successor to Verizon’s Motorola Droid line ($200 with a new 2-year agreement as of 7/15/2011) sounded intensely promising: It has a dual-core processor, a 960-by-540-pixel qHD display, and a full QWERTY slide-out keyboard (complete with array row). The specs were adequate to have me prepared to dump my reliable aged Droid Incredible and collect adult one of these bad boys.

But after spending some time with a phone, we consider I’ll be holding onto my Droid Incredible a small longer.

A Great-Looking Phone

The Droid 3 subsequent to a strange Droid.

Something I’ve always like about a Motorola Droid array was a build quality, and a Droid 3 feels intensely good built. At 6.49 ounces, a phone is heavier than possibly a Droid or a Droid 2, yet it’s offset adequate that we competence not notice a additional weight while holding it. Much of a phone’s outdoor box is stoical of a soothing cosmetic that feels pleasing to reason in your hand. The tip shifting apportionment is finished of steel, and a shifting resource is utterly smooth. When upright, a Droid 3 stands somewhat taller than a forebears (at 4.9 inches), yet it’s not many thicker than a strange Droid.

Unlike prior versions, a Droid 3 facilities an additional array quarrel in a full QWERTY keyboard. we found it easy to bruise out longer content and email messages, yet a keyboard can feel a small clicky during times. Regardless, it is a immeasurable alleviation over a keyboards on a Droid and Droid 2.

Though a Droid 3 has a 4-inch qHD (540-by-960-pixel) display, images and content did not demeanour any improved than they did on a strange Droid. Icons are not utterly sharp, and we can simply see a grid of dots on a screen.

Sadly, a Droid 3 lacks a earthy camera symbol of a predecessors, so you’ll be stranded regulating a touchscreen shiver symbol to take your photos.

Gingerbread and Bloatware

The Droid 3 ships with a latest chronicle of Gingerbread (Android 2.3.4). It runs a same chronicle of MotoBlur that we saw on a Droid X2, so it’s not as massive as other overlays (such as what we’ve seen on Samsung or HTC devices). You get 5 home screens to play with, a handful of widgets, and a customizable wharf with this chronicle of MotoBlur, as good as a ability to arrange apps in a app drawer by how frequently they are used.

latest chronicle of a Android Market, yet it will many approaching accept it in a subsequent few weeks.


The Droid 3 packs a 1GHz dual-core Texas Instruments OMAP processor that creates a phone feel rapid when browsing by menus or scrolling by a home screens. Games ran smoothly, and a phone was utterly manageable when drumming around a screen.

My examination indication of a Droid 3 seemed to have accepting issues. One second, we would have full bars; a next, we would hardly have any 3G coverage. Loading webpages became a competition to see if we could get a page open before my vigilance forsaken and my information speeds slowed to a crawl. Meanwhile, my HTC Droid Incredible confirmed a vigilance strength while regulating it in a same location.

Call peculiarity on a Droid 3 also had a share of problems. The people we called from a San Francisco offices told me that we sounded muffled, roughly as if there was a cloth over my mouth and a phone. The phone also does a bad pursuit during filtering out credentials noises.

upcoming Droid Bionic, a Droid 3 lacks LTE support. That said, it is a universe phone (it comes with a preinstalled SIM card), and many of a LTE phones we have seen so distant have suffered from terrible battery life. The Droid 3’s battery life is still an emanate though; we managed to dump a battery from an 80 percent assign down to usually 30 percent in 2 hours of assuage use.

Not for Photographers

A shot of a perspective outward a offices; click to zoom.

Motorola isn’t famous for a good phone cameras, and a Droid 3 is no exception. Images taken on a 8-megapixel camera came out dark, and all had a blue stain to them. At initial we suspicion a phone’s shade was to blame, yet a emanate persisted when we noticed a photos on my PC’s screen. The Droid 3 can fire 1080p video, yet videos also suffered from a blue coloring that tormented photos. Even after tweaking a settings, photos still defended that blue demeanour to them. Surprisingly, we have a sense that a camera on a strange Droid took crook images than a new Droid 3’s camera did in a infrequent tests.

The 0.3-megapixel front-facing camera has improved white change than a rear-facing one, yet nothing of a preinstalled program on a phone took advantage of it. This Droid 3 had no video job apps, and a batch Google Talk app did not support video chatting.

Other Media

The Droid 3 is DLNA-certified, so we can tide photos, music, and videos to and from any other DLNA-compatible inclination we own. The Droid 3 comes with an HDMI-out pier so we can share your photos and videos with everybody on a incomparable HDTV. The Droid 3 uses a customary bare-bones Android audio actor app, and song playback is average. It should be remarkable that a Droid 3 doesn’t boat with a microSD card, yet we can always supplement one later.


The Motorola Droid 3 is a disappointment. On paper, Motorola seems to have finished all right: The association put in a quick processor, a high-resolution display, and a good keyboard, and it even installed a phone with Gingerbread. But when it came time to deliver, it unequivocally forsaken a ball.

I know that not everybody cares about bloatware, and not everybody uses their phone to take pictures, yet we approaching some-more from Motorola. The shade lacks sharpness, a call peculiarity is subpar, and a phone has accepting problems. The keyboard is great, yet even that can't save a phone that has so many other issues and quirks.

I’m unequivocally anticipating that Motorola learns from these bugs and fixes them before it ships a Bionic subsequent month. As someone who was looking brazen to upgrading my phone to a Motorola Droid 3, we consider we will be saving my income and watchful to see what else is entrance serve down a line. we advise that we do a same.

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