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Motorola Dinara To Follow Droid Bionic With 13MP Camera, HD Screen

The most expected Motorola flagship smartphone, a Droid Bionic, has nonetheless to arrive, though sum on a inheritor are already surfacing. Codenamed a Motorola Dinara, this subsequent flagship phone is believed to be matching to a Droid Bionic though with even beefier specs, including a 13-megapixel camera and a full edge-to-edge HD screen.

The folks during Droid-Life were sloping to this growth and trust that it creates clarity given Motorola’s dull winter recover report following a Droid Bionic. The Motorola Dinara is pronounced to demeanour matching to a Droid Bionic in styling, though will be most slimmer and lighter. Additional sum suggested advise that it will competition a TI processor, 1GB RAM, a close button, and an inner non-removable battery.

The Dinara will expected run Android Gingerbread given Ice Cream Sandwich isn’t utterly ready. It could finish adult on mixed carriers nonetheless it is now being tested for Verizon’s network and will expected support 4G LTE.

Droid-Life also points out that “Dinara” is a name of a towering range, that is standard of Motorola’s fixing scheme, exemplified by prior device codenames: Olympus, Everest, and Etna.

[via Android Community]

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