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Motorola CEO Tells Media His Company Wants to Make “Less” Phones

The boys from The Verge sat down with Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha, who voiced some engaging thoughts on several aspects of a wireless market. One of a important comments by Jha mentioned that Motorola wants to make fewer pieces of hardware in a future. This goes opposite a stream pellet of hardware manufacturers pumping out Android phones like they are going out of style.

Behind this preference is Jha’s wish to see Motorola Mobility improved focused on putting Motorola’s selling dollars to work. When The Verge pulpy further, highlighting that a DROID BIONIC and DROID BIONIC were tools of Jha’s famous “incremental innovation” philosophy, Jha shielded both handsets by observant a BIONIC had been behind good over it’s strange recover date.

On a apart note, Jha spoke out about a dispute between a “stock Android device” and a business attribute between manufacturers and a carriers. “Verizon and ATT don’t wish 7 batch ICS inclination on their shelves,” insisted Jha. Following adult on that thought, Jha pronounced his association “has to make money” and that Motorola or identical manufactures can’t distinction on a device that isn’t differentiated. “The immeasurable infancy of a changes we make to a OS are to accommodate a mandate that carriers have.”

I take emanate with this final statement, if Jha unequivocally wants to concentration on differentiation, he’ll do it by hardware as Motorola Mobility did with a DROID RAZR. The DROID RAZR doesn’t mount out since of a software, it does so since of a singular form cause and build quality. A patron walking into a Verizon Wireless store will be drawn to a DROID RAZR since of that form factor, not since they see a flattering interface. It mostly appears that a manufacturers and carriers are truly out of hold with what their patron bottom wants with a Android experience, during slightest in terms of a overlay. After all, Motorola did dump MotoBLUR in a strange build formed on patron feedback. Who remembers a Motorola CLIQ? Who desired MotoBLUR on that phone?

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