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Motorola CEO Confirms a Moto X Phone, Will Build It in Texas (Updated)

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Dennis Woodside, Motorola’s new CEO, only reliable in an talk during D11 that they are indeed creation a phone called Moto X. He pronounced that a phone will be a initial smartphone built in a U.S. “We’re building it in Texas,” Woodside mentioned during his sitdown. They are going to worker about 2,000 people outward of Forth Worth during a 500,000 block feet trickery to make a sorcery happen. 

This is their “hero device,” and it’s going to be “broadly distributed.” Between now and October, Motorola is going to launch a handful of inclination though, yet approach down from a large portfolio of years past.

Woodside even claimed to have one of a phones with him on stage, yet he pronounced he wasn’t means to uncover it. But should he have motionless to lift it out, he mentioned that with new sensors, that a phone anticipates your needs. For example, it would commend that he took it out from his pants and potentially arise itself or activate a service.

When asked if he was assured in either or not Motorola could indeed pierce a needle with new products, Woodside pronounced that a “products we are going to boat via a fall. They are distinct other things out there.”

While this is mostly an arrogance on my part, a initial of a handful of inclination he mentioned will be a XFON (XT1056, XT1058, and XT1060) that has popped adult in pictures, in benchmarks and at a FCC. It will be a mid-to-low operation device that will be distributed everywhere during an impossibly low price. Then during a holidays, we’ll see a favourite device.

Update:  According to Motorola, a Moto X will arrive in late summer.

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Via:  AllThingsD

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