Motorola Atrix HD update in the works; Soak test imminent | Wifi Walker, J B Chaparal Properties

Motorola Atrix HD refurbish in a works; Soak exam imminent

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Motorola has been really bustling with updates lately. It looks like we can put some faith into their renewed beginning to keep their inclination updated. Sure, they have forsaken off a comparison device from a face of their refurbish list, though they are creation good with their purify line-up during a really least.

We know for certain that Motorola will refurbish their large 3 inclination to Jelly Bean before a year is over. This includes a Droid RAZR M, Droid RAZR HD and Droid RAZR Maxx HD. The association did guarantee 3 other inclination would get a Jelly Bean update, namely a Atrix HD, Photon Q, and Electrify 2. The dates were not set for these three, though it looks like we won’t have to wait prolonged for a Atrix HD to strech an refurbish conclusion.

It turns out that Motorola has sent a word out to their Motorola Feedback Network that testers are indispensable for a soak test. The soak exam involves a Motorola Atrix HD. While there was no discuss of that chronicle of Android they would have a soak exam for, it is protected to contend that all people caring about right now is a Jelly Bean refurbish and zero else. It wouldn’t make clarity for a association to use adult resources only to hurl out another refurbish for Ice Cream Sandwich during this point.

The tangible summary review like this:

“We are mouth-watering owners of a Motorola ATRIX HD on ATT to attend in an early preview of a new program release, and yield feedback. If we are not now regulating a Motorola ATRIX HD, greatfully forgive and omit this email.”

The soak exam is a good denote that Motorola has finally reached a recover claimant for their latest update. This means if a soak exam goes well, a refurbish should make a approach before a year is over too. Of course, if a refurbish is deemed to be too bugged out after a soak test, a refurbish will indeed be delayed.

The good thing is that Motorola is perplexing to during slightest make good on what they betrothed to update, even if they did remove a lot of points by abandoning a good series of clearly able devices. Apart from a inclination mentioned above, a association is also looking to refurbish 4 some-more inclination to ICS and Jelly Bean in a future. These inclination are a Droid RAZR, Droid RAZR Maxx, Droid 4 and a Droid Bionic.

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