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Motorola Atrix 2 review


Its final few flagships, such as a Photon 4G, Droid Bionic and Droid RAZR, lead us to trust that Motorola likes to consider outward a box any now and then. These phones are designed to be uninformed and startling — infrequently it works, infrequently it doesn’t — and we give acclamation to a association for perplexing to be different. The Atrix 2 isn’t one of those handsets. It’s graced with well-spoken and superb curves, rather than severe angles. Not customarily did Moto alleviate a corners; it smoothed out a sides and behind as well. We acknowledge that we’re suckers for new and sparkling settlement — it can be formidable to come adult with new ways to reinvent a wheel, so it’s good to see folks try — nonetheless there’s really room in a book for handsets that demeanour exquisite, regardless of how crazy it looks.

We shouldn’t be terribly astounded to see this handset temperament a same moniker as a strange Atrix 4G that was expelled in Feb — a dual have a tighten family similarity to any other, even if they both have a few vital differences. The many conspicuous variations? No fingerprint sensor and a incomparable display, for starters, nonetheless there are copiousness some-more underline changes sneaking about a phone.

The Atrix 2 is wider, no doubt a disastrous side outcome of carrying a 4.3-inch display, nonetheless it’s customarily as gentle to reason as a 4-inch original. At 4.96 x 2.59 x 0.40 inches (126 x 66 x 10 mm), it’s somewhat taller and wider than a initial iteration, that totalled 4.64 x 2.50 x 0.43 inches (117.75 x 63.5 x 10.95 mm). As we competence have noticed, it’s also thinner by scarcely a full millimeter, nonetheless 10mm is still brawny in comparison to many of a latest line-up phones. The new version’s easy to grip, interjection to a winding sides and textured battery cover; it’s no Kevlar cover, of course, and shouldn’t be treated as such, nonetheless a soothing reason cosmetic during slightest turns out to be easy on a eyes. That’s a sheer (and pleasant) depart in settlement from Atrix numero uno’s behind and a spasmodic blinding holographic pattern.

We also enjoyed regulating a shade on a Atrix 2. First, while both Atrix inclination (Atrices?) take advantage of qHD displays with 960 x 540 resolution, a newer one looks improved notwithstanding carrying a incomparable arrangement to reason a same array of pixels in. This is generally since HelloMoto opted not to use a Pentile pattern scheme, that is something that a association has inaugurated to do on many of a qHD screens — including a initial Atrix and a Droid Bionic. The evidence of PenTile contra non-PenTile will fury on for years; regardless of how polarizing that contention has become, though, there’s still a conspicuous disproportion in peculiarity when both phones’ displays are pitted side by side. The supplement seems to do a many some-more docile pursuit opposite a glisten of approach sunlight, and a Gorilla Glass stretches out from one corner to a other, indenting roughly a millimeter or so divided from a side to let your finger brush right off a phone when you’re regulating gestures.

Rounding out a front face of a phone is a same customary set of 4 capacitive touchscreen buttons nearby a bottom — menu, home, behind and hunt — and a VGA camera that doubles as video discuss and self-centredness mirror. Skipping over to a right you’ll see a volume rocker along with a smashing further to a new Atrix: a earthy camera button. The one teeny small locate is that it’s customarily single-stage (more on that in a camera section). Featured on a tip is a 3.5mm headphone jack and customary energy symbol / shade tighten — a expected denote that a fingerprint sensor in a prototype wasn’t as renouned as Motorola competence have hoped.

At initial peek a left side of a phone appears to have a same accurate micro-USB and HDMI combo as a initial Atrix, nonetheless we’d be lingering not to leave out one vivid variation: a ports are flipped inverted to implement a same Webtop accessories as a Droid Bionic and Photon 4G. Remember CEO Sanjay Jha’s promise that any high-end smartphone will have Webtop capability? Rejoice, for his word is now being fulfilled.

Let’s not forget a behind of a device. It’s got a satisfactory share of goodies too, after all — make-up an 8 megapixel camera with LED peep and 1080p HD video constraint is no pardonable matter, generally on a phone with a $100 cost point. The backside of a Atrix 2 doesn’t offer many in a approach of taste otherwise, unless we count a textured cover and orator grille — which, by a way, sounds great… until we put a phone on a back, causing a sound to get exceedingly muffled.

Underneath a cover, you’ll find a 2GB microSD label stealing customarily above a 1,785mAh battery (a diminution from a strange Atrix’s 1,930), that means that, when joined with 8GB of inner storage space, it’s still been embellished by 6GB sum — and keep in mind that customarily 4.5GB of a built-in memory is user-accessible, that doesn’t assistance matters during all. The microSD label can be substituted out with a full 32GB model, nonetheless a initial iteration of a array still has a tip volume of storage capacity.

The Atrix 2 also raises a bar in terms of network performance, removing a lift to 21.1Mbps HSPA+ over a original’s 14.4Mbps. The aloft speed vaults a device into a tip tier of speed that ATT now offers, fixation it into a same 4G row as a Samsung Galaxy S II. We’re intrigued as to because a common “4G” moniker was left out of a phone’s name this time, generally given that it’s faster, nonetheless by no means do we skip a presence. Sadly, a area we reviewed a device in isn’t within a range of Ma Bell’s fastest network class, so we were incompetent to offer a correct comparison exam between a dual models.


First off, let’s give credit where it’s due: ATT came impossibly tighten to creation a whole collection of preinstalled apps uninstallable, and customarily came adult brief on Mobile Hotspot and Music Store. It’s true, folks: bloatware is one step closer to being totally optional, rather than a compulsory square of genuine estate to confusion adult your screen. We’re not observant it’s a ideal complement yet, nonetheless Motorola’s latest UI — a non-MotoBlur accumulation — during slightest allows for customized categories within a app menu as a form of olive branch. We still cite a process employed on TouchWiz 4.0, that simply lets we supplement tangible folders as their possess idol in a app menu, nonetheless this is during slightest a applicable solution.

Since Music Store’s on there for good, it’s best to during slightest know a small about it. Frankly, a name gives divided a description: it’s an easy-to-access heart that allows we to squeeze songs, albums and ringtones. On a hub’s front page you’ll see a tip releases, nonetheless we can perform a hunt for whatever tunes you’re in a mood for. Speaking of a beats, Motorola’s thrown in an FM radio that can be accessed by a device’s built-in song player, that is good to see among other options like approach entrance to Shoutcast internet radio and podcasts.

Moto’s not-Blur UI comes with a few preinstalled apps of a possess (not uninstallable, unfortunately). Social Location lets we perspective internal businesses to not customarily see details, Yelp scores and hours, it will also check Facebook to see if any of your friends have checked in recently. Sticking with a amicable theme, Social Networking functions as a all-in-one feed for Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and a other common suspects. On a sold unit, however, navigating and interacting by this heart was an impossibly indolent experience, no matter how many times we gave it a best shot. ZumoCast is a syncing concentration that lets we check out pictures, cinema and song (among other files) from your desktop directly on your Atrix. Lastly, Motorola also offers a possess Phone Portal, that connects with a app of a same name on your mechanism and lets we conduct those files we need to send between your handset and desktop.

Much like a Atrix 4G, a new indication also supports in-pocket detection. It’s meant to tighten a phone automatically when it senses that it’s been placed in your pocket, nonetheless it doesn’t seem to like a lax jeans; it works good when fixation a phone in a breast pocket, going into nap mode within 3 seconds, nonetheless that’s a customarily place we’ve found a lot of success in. In short, formula competence change depending on your slot preference.


The Atrix 2 really took a page out of a Droid Bionic‘s book here, regulating not customarily a same 8MP sensor and 1080p HD video constraint nonetheless a same camera UI as well. It’s easy adequate to use, proffering many customary settings we’ve come to design on a decent phone camera: stage modes, macro focus, scenery mode, liughtness adjust, and geotag are all there. Missing are a bearing / contrariety adjust and ISO, both settings that we use frequently on a DSLR.

We’re blissful to see a hardware camera button, nonetheless we were put out to find that it’s single-stage. Rather than carrying a choice to reason down a symbol to tighten concentration before to holding a shot, it infrequently took a few additional seconds to concentration after joyless a shiver before indeed holding a shot. Happily, this wasn’t as irritating as it customarily is. The camera was intelligent adequate to know when it didn’t need to refocus, so opportunely we were means to take several cinema with probably no shiver loiter for this reason. Furthermore, we detected that a camera would automatically concentration –and tighten it again — whenever we shuffled around, that helped a shiver loiter time stay down a bit.

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