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Motorola Atrix 2 Best Sub-$99 Android Smartphone Around

The thing that’s tough about reviewing a Motorola Atrix
4G smartphone line is that we have to get around focusing on a fun the
phone’s accessories move to a user. I’m going to give it a shot, yet there
is one appendage that stands out that I’m going to residence after in a review.

The Motorola Atrix 2 sports several
refinements over a excellent, initial Atrix 4G launched from Ma Bell earlier
this year, that we remarkable afterwards was ATT‘s best Android handset ever.

With a $99 cost tab on contract, I’d disagree though perplexity that a Atrix
2 is a best sub-$100 Android smartphone on a market–hands down.

The Atrix 2 runs Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread on
a 4.3-inch Qhd (Quarter High Definition) shade that sparkles to a eye with a
960-by-540 resolution. Recall that a strange Atrix,
which debuted during a 2011 Consumer Electronics uncover in Jan and cost $199 at
launch, has a 4-inch shade and ran Android 2.2 Froyo during launch. The
Atrix 2 is likewise designed and sized, sporting a steel housing with a
texturized, black rubber enclosure.

The Atrix 2 is powered by a speedy,  1GHz dual-core processor, that together with
ATT‘s 4G network creates for a good multiple of focus performance.
YouTube, Angry Birds and Motorola’s ZumoCast cloud focus for song and
movie personification worked well, as did a Motorola Music app.

Call peculiarity was as frail and transparent as usual, yet I’ve
always had flattering plain ATT use here in Fairfield County, Conn.
The camera, with 8 megapixels and fun perks like a ability to take six
consecutive cinema with multi-shot capability, is vastly higher to a pedestrian
5 megapixel shiver in a strange Atrix.

While we found some loiter time on a strange Atrix, I
found nothing on a Atrix 2. Moreover, a Atrix 2’s video camera annals and
playbacks video in HD 1080p, besting a 720p constraint and 1080p playback of the
original Atrix 4G

The Atrix 2 also has 8GB on house memory, expandable to
32GB, 1GB of Dual Channel RAM. That’s indeed reduction than a 16GB of
onboard memory
of a predecessor, whose microSD is expandable to 48GB. The battery, a
1785 mAh energy supply, is also solid, durability me 12 hours on a full
charge with assuage use.

The new Motorola Lapdock 100 is the
real fun of regulating a Atrix 2, permitting users to precedence a Atrix 2’s Webtop app to put the
phone’s calm on a larger, 10.1-inch HD arrangement with a 1366-by-768 resolution.
The thought of a Webtop and wharf is a excellent one for corporate highway warriors who
don’t wish to lift a laptop or inscription computer.

Atrix 2 users simply block their phone into a Lapdock
100 around a phone’s mini-USB and HDMI ports to immediately entrance their phone
applications and content.

That includes QuickOffice for Microsoft Exchange program
access and Google Docs, even CRM and ERP apps by a Mozilla Firefox
browser that launches when a Webtop app connects to a dock.

There’s something cold about being means to control your phone’s
dialer app from a Dock by picking a series from contacts and calling
a series with a elementary finger corkscrew and click of a button. Apps can
added or forsaken from an focus tray during a bottom of a Lapdock

The Lapdock 100 offers 2 USB ports, and comes with a 30 watt
wall horse that resembles a cover energy cord. Unfortunately, a Lapdock
100 pricing and accessibility has not been disclosed.

My biggest problem with a Lapdock 100 was a 2-finger
trackpad, that we found slower and reduction manageable than a trackpad on the
first, some-more clunky wharf we used final year. The strange wharf indeed weighed
slightly some-more — 2.4 pounds to a 2.2 pounds of a new model.  Probably since of a 11.6-inch arrangement WXGA

There’s no doubt $99 for a Atrix 2 is a great
bargain, yet ATT and Motorola are pulling for Atrix 2 buyers, who both
companies prognosticate will be a corporate highway warriors who get reimbursed for
company equipment, to bombard out hundreds of dollars for a Motorola Lapdock

I can suggest a Atrix 2 if you’re an ATT
customer in need of a great, low-cost, reward smartphone. And we don’t even
need a Lapdock to enjoy. It’s a excellent calling, texting and application-accelerating
handset for anyone. It’s a good pointer that users needn’t bombard out $200 to $300
for a high-end Android phone.



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