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Motorola Android phones not removing Ice Cream Sandwich until second half of year

Being owned by Google apparently won’t assistance Motorola get a inclination upgraded to Android 4.0 (“Ice Cream Sandwich“) any some-more quickly.

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In a program ascent superintendence matter expelled today, Motorola pronounced that nothing of a Android-based smartphones accessible in a United States would be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich until a third entertain of 2012 during a earliest. The
association has slated a Atrix 4G MB860 and Photon 4G models to accept an ascent to Ice Cream Sandwich in a third quarter
of 2012, along with a Xboard and Xboard 10.1 inscription models. Other big-name Motorola Android phones, including a Droid
4, a Droid Bionic, a Droid Razr and a Droid Razr Maxx, are still in a formulation and growth stages for their Ice
Cream Sandwich upgrades and so have no timetable.

The usually Motorola Android device accessible in a U.S. to now have Ice Cream Sandwich commissioned is a Wi-Fi-only version
of Motorola’s Xoom tablet. Several countries around a world, including China, Canada and Japan, are slated to have their
Motorola Razr inclination upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich in a second entertain of 2012 notwithstanding a fact that American users will
have to wait until a following quarter.

Ice Cream Sandwich is a initial book of Google’s open-source Android mobile height that has been optimized for both tablets
and smartphones. Google grown a height to combine Android on both form factors and so give focus developers
declaration that they can rise applications for Android that will perform consistently over opposite forms of devices. In addition, a handling complement came with several
new facilities including a close shade that can clear regulating facial capitulation software; Android Beam, record that lets
users send hit information, directions, Web pages and some-more around NFC by drumming their phones together; and formation with
a Google+ amicable network that lets users horde online video chats among their circles of friends.

Google, that initial launched Android as an open-source mobile handling complement in 2007, won capitulation from regulators in a United States and a European Union this week to acquire Motorola for $12.5 billion. One of Google’s arch objectives
in a Motorola understanding was to seaside adult a obvious portfolio to strengthen Android device manufacturers from obvious suits filed
by Microsoft, Apple and other tech heavyweights. Google has pronounced that notwithstanding Motorola’s endless register of Android-based devices, it plans
on using a association as a apart business and not merely an prolongation of Google’s mobile division.

“This merger will not change a joining to run Android as an open platform,” Google CEO Larry Page emphasized when
deliberating a understanding final year. “Motorola will sojourn a licensee of Android and Android will sojourn open. We will run Motorola
as a apart business. Many hardware partners have contributed to Android’s success and we demeanour brazen to stability to
work with all of them to broach superb user experiences.”

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