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Motorola aims to repair Android 4.0 refurbish delays for DROID Bionic

Sadly, damaged promises is something we have grown used to when it comes to Android updates. It is upsetting, though manufacturers have to know that good communication and patron use can infrequently do some-more than a timely update. We have to give props to Motorola for this one, as they are not violence around a brush about a DROID Bionic’s behind Android 4.0 update.

The DROID Bionic has had a severe life (read a review). It went from being one of a most sparkling inclination of CES 2011 to removing totally redesigned, behind and being catastrophic during launch. But hey, it is not a bad device. The usually emanate is that a Bionic now faces another complication.

The Bionic was pronounced to get Android 4.0 by early Q3, 2012. Of course, we are past that indicate now, and all eyes are now on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Regardless, Motorola ‘s Punit Soni has taken it on himself to speak to speak to a village and try to work things out.

We have a devise for Bionic. we am now solidifying things to safeguard we can tell it, dedicate and follow up. we consider we guys have gotten a tender understanding and we could do approach better. But we are one of a tip few things we worry about when we demeanour during Upgrades.

With that, users are now most some-more calm about a behind OTA update. At slightest they feel like they are not removing ignored, and it takes respect to apologize and accept they have wronged. we know we wouldn’t mind watchful a bit some-more if patron use was this courteous (just don’t make me wait too prolonged either).

[Source: Punit Soni Via: Engadget]

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