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Motorola Adds Jelly Bean to Droid Bionic Update Cycle, ICS Still On Track for Q4

Motorola Droid BionicFollowing a prior guarantee to be some-more pure per updates for a Droid Bionic, Motorola has updated a Android refurbish master list again to endorse that a long-awaited Ice Cream Sandwich refurbish for a phone is still on lane for recover this quarter, with waves starting currently for stream owners. An additional surprise has been combined in sequence to make adult for a prolonged wait in an additional refurbish to Jelly Bean slated for someday subsequent year.

The Motorola Droid Bionic has had a long, bizarre tour from growth to sell release, as it was one of a second epoch Verizon LTE smartphones launched all a approach behind in 2011 during that year’s International CES. The phone indeed finished adult being one of a slightest renouned inclination on Verizon Wireless overdue to a unexplained check from a strange Spring 2011 launch timeframe all a approach into a Fall of that year, that led to it scarcely being lost in a face of new inclination by HTC and LG as good as receiving a redesign from a creatively announced design.

In between a Fall launch adult until now, a device was also famous for being one of a few inclination to also support a full Webtop functionality, that creates a announced refurbish to Ice Cream Sandwich another curiosity for this phone compared to a stablemates, that were denied long-promised Ice Cream Sandwich updates.

The fact that it will now accept Jelly Bean in a destiny not prolonged after Ice Cream Sandwich creates it even some-more of a special case, as few other 2011 epoch Android flagships have been updated to Ice Cream Sandwich and some-more still will not accept Jelly Bean, such as a whole 2011 Sony Ericsson Android smartphone lineup, as an example.

This not usually creates a Bionic unexpected appealing for stream Verizon business that already possess a device while validating a initial investment, a phone might even knowledge an increasing swell in recognition on a secondhand marketplace due to a fact that it will get Jelly Bean as an additional reward for owners that have been kept watchful for updates. While Motorola’s new refurbish cycle for a Bionic might portend good things for Bionic owners following months of waiting, it stays to be seen either it will keep loyal to a word for Jelly Bean, lest it lift another disgraceful action.

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