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Mmmm … The Simpsons trivia book out

  • It's big, though <strong>Simpsons World</strong> has 20 seasons to cover. Photo: Nancy Stone, MCT” /></p>
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    It is a doorstop, a cornerstone, a substructure square in a good wall of geekdom.

    It is a Internet in accessible book form, shamelessly behest to land on holiday present lists.

    It is pop-culture arcania, embiggened.

    The new Simpsons World: The Ultimate Episode Guide (Seasons 1-20) compiles contribution about America’s longest-running TV family with a vengeance: 1,200 pages and roughly 9 pounds strong from some-more than 8,000 mins of tawny radio goodness.

    What’s a name of a city recycling core on a fast Fox series? Uriah’s Heap. Who was Sideshow Bob‘s cellmate? Snake. What was a initial blackboard gag? “I will not rubbish chalk.”

    You could qualification a identical fun about this episode-by-episode compendium, arguing that, here, it’s ink being squandered on a module whose impulse has passed. What is a 2-decade-old broadcast-television array if not an institution, like 60 Minutes or Meet a Press? What is a Internet if not a place for unconstrained information gathering during probably no cost, in dollars or timber pulp?

    But The Simpsons is, still, unusually well-crafted comedy, even if it prolonged ago mislaid a fad of being new. And a book retains, still, that clarity of authority, generally when it is a book strictly sanctioned. The pledge efforts online — particularly The Simpsons Archive ( and — offer identical and infrequently some-more fact though with some-more of a home-brewed feel.

    “Feel giveaway to peruse this book while examination reruns of a uncover for a 30th time, though whatever we do, try not to consider of your passing youth,” says creator Matt Groening in a introduction.

    Besides, a book is a arrange of ultimate wireless gadget. This one would pile-up usually if image potion were involved. And during a $150 list cost ($90 around Web booksellers), it costs about as most as an iPod.

    Simpsons World is scarcely as strenuous as it is impressive, like a ball epitome though with infrequently made yellow people as a players, and poignant lines as a statistics.

    What’s so dizzying is not only a tiny imitation and colourful colors adorning any unchanging episode’s two-page spread. It’s a startling rush of fact and a fulfilment that, yes, there are really many people who will care.

    This is a uncover created by obsessives, for obsessives, people who honour themselves on meaningful that $486.52 is how most baby Maggie cost when she was incidentally scanned during a grocery store.

    Around and amid a part listings, there are more: All of Homer’s “D’oh!” utterances, explained (plus a acknowledgment that “d’oh” is a central spelling). All a cot gags and blackboard gags. All a times Homer, in that salivating, always inspired tone, said, “Mmmm … (something).”

    And, fun of ultimate-fan joys, an index — a clearly really good one.

    This would be ideal lavatory reading if it weren’t so damn heavy.

    Make that: ideal lavatory reading, if your lavatory is so grave as to enclose a lectern.

    Then again, if you’re a chairman for whom this book is designed, building for it a mount or a box or a special dilemma shrine, with spotlight and magnifying potion and white gloves to keep the pages clean, doesn’t seem so doubtful an idea.

    Kindle copies not available.


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