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Miss Moremi Ajasoro Pageant: All Yoruba Girls Across The World Can Contest

The 2nd book of what is gradually apropos a many critical and many poignant Cultural manifestation in Nigeria, a Queen Moremi Ajasoro Pageant is gaining movement some-more and some-more by a day and from all indications, this year’s eventuality is going to be unusual by all standards.

The organisers from all that is accessible for all to see, are withdrawal no mill unturned to broach an eventuality that would stir all, while during a same time showcasing what’s beautiful, what’s good and what’s model about a Yoruba enlightenment and tradition.

One of a many critical and many poignant criteria for appearance according to a organisers is that, “the QMA pageant” is non-stop to all Yoruba maidens opposite a world! No matter where we are currently, either in Nigeria or in a diaspora, we are “free” to attend as prolonged as your start is Yoruba.

There’s no restrictions as per either we are from Ogun, Osun, Ekiti, Ondo, Lagos etc, as prolonged as we are Yoruba and can snippet your origin, your eligibility standing is many assured, each other criteria like being between 18 and 25, being means to promulgate in a denunciation and also a universe recognize general denunciation like English or French etc are a given.

Whoever is going to shorten one of a many critical informative idol and heroine of a Yoruba culture, contingency also have a approaching intelligent ability and a beauty. The black is going to be trustworthy to a rarely worshiped and many critical Yoruba sovereign in a world, in a chairman of a good Ooni of Ife. Meaning that she would work with a imperial majesty’s house as a “Cultural Ambassador”. What this entails is overwhelming and improved experienced.

The Queen is going to suffer some of a best pamperings ever, that a black should experience, suppose that a leader is going to be set adult for life with ₦5million extend for a business, this is detached from also winning a code spanking “new car” as a esteem among other gifts and pecks of office. Just suppose roving around a universe also, all losses paid!

As we speak, registration is going on in aspiring and distinct all other pageants, a registration is totally FREE!!!

Thanks to his Imperial Majesty, a Ooni, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi, a Ojaja II, who in his prominence has borne all a registration costs, so all authorised maidens of Yoruba start can attend giveaway of assign but any weight whatsoever on themselves.

So for some-more information and enquiries about appearance greatfully check www.qmainternational.com  and also all a amicable media handles for some-more about a QMA 2017.

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